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need honest opinions about this bong i bought

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I bought it for $43 but it was priced at $50 plus tax. Untill now i had just been using a small mini bong (because of parents) which works great but i decided i needed a bigger one. so i got this. It was the only real big one that was some what decently priced in the store so I got it. The only thing i dislike about the bong is the design on it. Its blue and transparent which is what most of the bongs i buy are, i love blue. but its got frosted glass, and then stencils of naked ladies that aren't frosted so you see the smoke thru the girls. I mean i dunno, its just kinda corny i think. I took some webcam pics so you can cast your opinion but i turned on a green flood light because its hard for the webcam to pick up the naked girls on the non frosted glass.

    Please let me know what you think of this and use your honest opinions. I need input from guys and girls This is my question to you.... "What would you think if you were smoking at a friends house and they busted out this bong?

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  2. Its kindof of difficult to see the design in your pictures, a bit blurry, but im a girl and i probably wouldnt mind much, i think a bong that size is a great deal for $43, and a bongs a bong, style/design is extra.
    Nice pickup, have fun with that bong.
  3. For the money, I think its pretty good. There isnt anything i hate about it...
  4. I had a somewhat similar bong for a while, in that it had the frosted glass and girl silhouettes. Mine smoked great but was a bit shorter then yours. I'm sure it'll be fine, man. If I was going to smoke up with you, I'd probably start rambling about my bong and how it was so similar to yours, haha.

    But seriously, it's a nice bong. If you don't like it, sell it to one of your pals and get another one.
  5. Well the quality of the picture isnt so good so i can't really see the designs and stuff, but if it hits clean and gets you high, then the designs dont really matter:bongin:
  6. psht looks better than my huge purple acrylic. we call it grimace
  7. I like the shape and dig the clear naked ladies. I like my bongs to have at least a window so I can control my hits better. The naked lady windows are sweet.

    I'd probably get a different color but I have no idea what the selection was like. I think this piece would look crazy in black.

    If it was black, I'd buy it 100%. Assuming that the bowl/stem is glass,of course. I can't tell from the pics.

    But if you really dig the color, it looks solid.
  8. i likes it
  9. I dont like frosted glass, but id still hit it. nice find
  10. can't have a problem with a bong that has naked ladies on it =)
    and for 50 bux, thats an awesome pickup! enjoy, take a rip or two for me

  11. grimace haha thats such a good name. but if i went to a friends house, or some random person's house and saw that i'd think the designs were cool, not really caring what they were of and id say that's really nice for $43. You got a good deal on a pretty nice bong in my opinion.
  12. Why'd you get a bong you don't like?
  13. I'd hit it ;)

    But yeah man if you're second-guessing yourself, why'd you pick it in the first place? Are you happy with your purchase? It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of the bong, they can pass up their turn if they don't like it. Ya dig what I'm sayin?

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