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need helpplease

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ToKen SouLjaH, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. I have about a three to four foot plant and its starting to bud the hairs were purple and now they are red and purple it looks fire but it has no smell< could it still be fire?? what do i have to do for it to have a smell ?

    (please no caps. is consider screaming.latezz..)
  2. give it a shake and take a big whif yoll smell it i think
  3. Nice colors! must be Jesus no im kidding...if ever I make my own strain I am gonna call it Jesus Weed lol.
    Thats cool it has purple and red hairs!
  4. Ive made my own strain for next year. Cross between White Widow and some unno stuff that was pretty good. I call it Caterpiller Thriller.
  5. what are strains? you can cross two females together? OR ARE U TALKIN BOUT , fuck, crossin a male with a female?
  6. the strain is the race of a pant like asian and indian and shit like that. so white widdow and purple haze.

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