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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by strykerfury, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. hey guys , i was wondering if second hand smoke from weed can make you fail a drug test. because me and boredjim8 drive to work all the time and he usually smokes when we do. and my dad said since im going to college,and i wanna live at home while there, that he wants me to pass a ut so i can live at home cause im going to a close school. will second hand smoke cause me to fail a ut and how long do i have to wait to take a urine test. someone plz answer that is positive of what there saying
  2. well in my dads case he was deer hunting down south and a guy in the camper was smokin in front of him he took no hits comes back to work monday and they drug tested him and they found a yea i think i can im not sure how long it stays in your system tho cant be too long
  3. make sure you tell them you were around it, but didn't smoke any. There will probably a faint trace but your excuse will fit the test.
  4. it matters if the car is being hotboxing or the windows are down trace amounts that you get from second hand smoke only last for acouple days though

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