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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charon001, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I placed two PC under 12/12 to sex. When I renturned the plants back to 18/6 the plants did not stop flowering. They continue to flower. I tried taking a clipping to clone but the plant never grew roots.

    What am I to do to stop the plant from flowering and how do you clone a flowering? If I can. I've read where it is difficult to clone a flowering planet. I also thought that I would be able to return the plant to an 18/6 cycle.
  2. Honestly once it starts flowering I don't believe it's possible to reverse the transition I would just 12/12 it and harvest it
  3. You want to switch to 24/0 to return to veg from flowering. Cut out any Potassium as well, until the plant is vegging again.
  4. i had a buddy taking care of my plant at one point and he put it into flower b4 he took clones and i took my plants back from him.. i flushed the soil topped the plant and cut off all pre flowers and put under 24/0 light for about 10days then went back to 18/6 and my plant is still in veg. all the tops i cut off did not root but it is possible to root a flowering plant its just much more touchy.
  5. So how far along can you reverse flowering?
  6. My plant finally went back to veg 1 month later. Took awhile but she is in veg. Now I can clone her.
  7. you can reverse flowering any time.. its just like when you harvest..once its all trimmed down she will still grow..and go back to veg again.just switch it back to 24/0 to make sure it knows to veg again.. ive heard of people putting it at 18/6 but it kept flowering for a bit.

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