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  1. Im new at the whole growin business and iv run into what i believe is two moderate/major problems.

    #1 i have a mild abundance of pests and i came to ask how i would rid my plants of them. I have observed brown trails and dots of dead leaf which i will post pics of. I have been too hesitant to use conventional pestacides for fear i will aint the bud. Any advice and recomendations are very appretiated.

    And #2 i have come across faint powdery white blotches on the top side of my leaves. I also have a blue berry bush close by with the same symthoms. Im hopeing its some kind of treatable mildew of sort. Again tips and recommendations are beyond appretiated.

    And some background to give yall an idea of growing conditions. They are currently in 5gallon pots. I water them daily and they get adequate sun light. They Are outdoors. Im planning to build a green house for them within the week. They are roughly 2 1/2 feet tall.

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