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Need help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sockhead, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. this is pertaining to my first grow:

    1. Is it fine to start out with an HPS, and take clones off before flowering?

    2. Is it ok to use only an oscillating fan?

    3. How high do the lights need to be?

    mor questions will follow
  2. 1: i wouldnt suggest it. too much heat and the light would be too far away to have right temps.
    2: yes they work great for moving air and stemilating stem growth. But dont expect them to get rid of heat. You need exhaust for heat problems.
    3: depends on age of plant and type of light.
  3. what kind of lighting would be best? two 400 watt cfls one soft white one different one? How many lumens per plant?

    What nutrients are best for veg?

    how old should plants be to move them to flower?

    if starting with clones can they be under a hps?
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    cfl 6500k for vegging..2700k for flowering. use as many as you can afford a little more money but worth the expense

    cfl are best for rooting
    mh or led for vegging
    hps for flower.= best results
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    where can you find 400 watt cfls?!?!?!?:eek:

    best thing to do is get a few 42 watt cfl's, and get a y-splitter.... use what mrbob_58 said about bulb temps, generally you want like 100w for the first plant, then 50w extra for each plant. some ppl say just 50w for each plants, but i go off 100 for the first, and 50 for each additional and i havent had problems..

    ***when looking at cfl watts, you want to look at acutal usage, not incadesecent equilivance***

  6. lol
    I know that people say 100watts per plant But i have tested 104watts on a plant from sprout to harvest and it did live. BUT it wasnt worth the trouble for what it produced. I recommend 200watts per plant if you want the best results. Also, I use general hydroponics for my nutes

    p.s hes right about wattage. dont go by what the equivilant is. you want actual wattage. or count lumen. cause lumen is what matters. The plant couldnt care less about how much you spend providin light, it wants the right amount.

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