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  1. hey guys i was thinking of growing sum herb myself. the thing is, i have no seeds except ones which i got wen i bought a 10 draw of chocolate weed. i dunno wether they'll grow or shit so i wanted 2 kno wether i cud try growing them. if not, where can i get seeds from?

    another thing, i live in england so i wanted to kno bout all the lighting condition things too like wat bulb i need and stuff. plz reply if u have any info 4 me. laterz.
  2. Bag seeds work, it might not end up being the highest quality weed, but it'll still be weed.

    as for lighting, you can use any type of HID lighting, which is HPS, MH, or Fluoros.

    they can be found at your local plant shop or online.
  3. oh great they do! well, i have a lot of seeds from that 1 draw but i heard that most of them dont grow and only a few actually do. how many shall i plant together?

    i no NOTHING about growing as u can tell . . . hehehe.
  4. try germinating the seeds first, so that you dont have to just throw seeds into the ground, without knowning if they will sprout or not.

    If you dont know how to germinate, do a search for a post called Germination 420
  5. if u want to know how i germinate i jus take 2 somewhat thick peices of paper towel and wet them with luke warm water then i throw the seeds inbetween them an put the paper towel inbetween 2 plates but change the paper towel if the seeds dont germinate in like 2 days the reason i change it is so that i dont get mold and only plant 1 seed per pot about 1 inch beneith the surface of the soil that should help u out a bit on what to do theres also other wayz to germinate to i jus like a paper towel way it seems to be pretty easy to me

  6. thanx 4 all ur help guys, ive started the germination process now. hope all go's well and if it does, you'll both b the ones 2 thank! hehe

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