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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gashnew1, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. i have been growing these spoetnik for about 5 weeks now.
    when i went to change pots,i found that the root ball had become seriously entangled.
    i asked a freind who grows weed what to do and he told me to massarge the soil off the roots in water,so i did.
    after repotting both plants they started to shrivle up,what can i do to help them,or is it to late?
    i did all this on 22/07/07.
    this is only my second crop,so just a novice.:mad:

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  2. looks like u did too much damage to the roots during transplant or maybe the water you rinsed with was too cold-too warm?shocked the roots?I usually try to gently squeeze and crumble some dirt from the bottom away from the roots so i can pull them apart. At 5 weeks you can be pretty rough with the roots and have no problems when transplanting.I gently rip at em when I transplant so they are loose for the new soil. works fine. Sorry about the loss though.
  3. i have a 5 gall bucket of water at least half full of "warm" water to rinse the roots right before i transplant to a bubbler, get em as clean as possible but dont sweat it, the water will rinse the rest off in the bubler ;)

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