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  1. New grower here pretty sure i need stronger lights, still with that said should i cut this bitch down n start ova or what. About 4-5 weeks flower n this shit looks wrong to me lol. First time so still glad i got this far any advise would help.
  2. There is no pic
  3. So would a pic lol
  4. ok hold up
  5. stronger lights ?
  6. sent pic
  7. Every one could use stronger lights, but that plant looks ok to me.
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  8. The buds really start swelling up weeks 6-10 of flower.
  9. If you just mean the buds are smaller than you want them, strains flower times vary, but you could be looking at a strain that takes up to 13weeks to flower for example. So, sure more light is almost always good, but do you know how long your strain even takes?
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  10. What is your current setup? Hydro it looks like? Growing medium? pot size? and current lighting setup please?
  11. Thanks for the reply...hydro clay pebbles temps are a bit hi never get past 75-80 water temps around 70-74 feed nutes once a week i dont water her should i the water is almost gone by the time i change it ph 5.7 - 6.1 5 gal bucket
  12. fem hybrid i believe nyc diesel n og kush
  13. my lights are shit like 250 watss of cfls n a led thats says 600w more like 100wats so.... i need more light for sure
  14. What sort lighting are you utilizing?
  15. cfl 250 watts mixed with an led
  16. why im here lol is it worth it to keep going or start over ?
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  17. will there be that much of a difference in what 4-5 weeks with this lighting ?
  18. Your plant looks fine... let it ride.
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  19. a 400 watt mh/hps would
    cool thanks

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