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Discussion in 'Security' started by George420000, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Hey guys/lady's
    I had a few seeds that I had put out way to late as soon as they had sprouted they were getting hairs and forming into one little bud, I thought I would put them in the tent to see what the turn out would be,they really shot up and thickened out, I really do not no the strain of the bud anyone have any ideas?and please bare in mind that yes they aren't the best plants but my main task was to save them from frost fro winter. IMG_20190618_124056.jpg IMG_20190618_124035.jpg IMG_20190618_124113.jpg
  2. members like normal light but plants still seem to like purple.?
    re post in normal light may well get the advice you seek

    good luck
  3. Cheers mate will take some more pics in normal light
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  4. That’s one question no grower can answer without the bud in physical form. But even then, it’s still kinda a guess, what with all the phenos and crosses that are out now. Could be anything. Only thing you can do is take a smell, and smoke it. If you know your strains, you may get an idea of maybe even a relative. But yeah, sorry bro, that ones kind of a shot in the dark.
  5. Haha yeah I thought I was pushing that question up hill they do really smell potent can't wait for the finish.
  6. All good brother, I know you must wanna know the genes on that pheno, she does look real pretty even for that size :):)
    You can try to judge by characteristics, but that’s a real spin of the wheel as well (I.e lanky nodes with big rounded buds, could be OG) but you won’t REALLY know unless you are looking into testing the genetics, which I’m sure, isn’t necessary here. But I hope maybe you can get an idea brother, would love to hear what kind of genes are on that beaut. :biggrin:
  7. Yea for sure and thank u for the replies I'm thinking it would of been a nice clone if it hadn't turned to flower so quick but oh well can only wait watch/admire and smell for now haha
  8. No problem brother. I’ll be around on these threads as well. Hopefully I can show off a nice harvest when it comes time. :jump:
  9. Awesome be great to see,once I harvest these little beasts I'll chuck a few pics on, out of 21 seeds all 21 we're female all are ruffly about the size of a 500 ml v can so far and still growing,no sign of bananas at this stage so thinking in about two/three weeks will be time to pull

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