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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mad ganja702, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Why are my plants looking like this using our ro water pH at 5.8 ppm's at 450 .600 W HPS in flower a week and a half water temperature 68

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  2. Looks like a deficiency from here to me.
  3. Hi defo looks like deficency. Calciun or maybe a pottassium. Bit hard to say due to lights. Av ya altered ya nutes for flower stage? Flowering needs differnent nutes than it does in veg . Hope this helps. Ps.. ph should be ok although may av a lock out but prob need different nutes x
  4. That untes I'm using on the side it has directions to use them for flowering

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  5. Hi . Try flushing- giving em clean ph water for a week .. see if they recover. The clean water will remove any salt build up that may be stoppin yr nutes needed for flower. hooe it works . It defo still looks like a lock out/deficiency wi look of ya pics. Really hope helps and they recover. Ps sometumes the directions on bottle say to add more than plants actually need. Its a money making thing!!! Try the clean ph water and intriduce ya nutes back but at half to 3/4 strengh says on bottle . Xxx

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