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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kisby, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Got some wwxbb put into flower 2week ago and still not seen no bud
  2. Patience.
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  3. Yer I am but not seeing any clusters of hairs got a few but not anuf for bud these things 6ft tall now
  4. Pics? What kinda lights? This isn't uncommon for me, I use CFLs tho so slower growth is to be expected.

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  5. how'd you kick off flowering?
    i never had trouble with the 3 down trick
  6. Not got pics on i will send some later wen go water I got 600w cf on 3 plants
  7. Went straight from 20hour to 12hour light
  8. Different plants take different times to produce the budding sites and to finish flowering, you will see.

    Learn patience young grasshopper for what you seek will come when it is time.
  9. I no but am running out room now I brought them as auto flower but there norm so alot bigger then what I would like could pinched and everything else
  10. Hey guys ive started getting Budd now. But got another problem I water my plants then in the drip tray after I noticed these little white worm things I've cleaned my trays n that but still there any help
  11. Had the same issue I let the soil dry out really good where the plant was actually drooping kill them all watered it plant picked back up and is fine no more they're all gone you can give that a try don't know if it will work for you do not use pesticides

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  12. I'll try but my plants are in flower now so can't not water them for days
  13. Just be careful

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