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need help writing music

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by The Audion, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I've always been involved in music but it was mostly playing written music in band or improvising on the guitar. never sat down and tried to write music. I understand that music consists of mainly ryhthm, melody, harmony, but I have no idea how to write it. I have questions such as:

    how do I choose a chord progession? (Besides being lazy and using the 1-4-5) what about 7th chords? I don't really understand chords very well or why we need them in music. except that a chord progession is the skeleton of the song. and once I choose a progression, how do I write melody around that? how do I choose a chord progession when I already have a main riff I like?

    are there any good books/websites/youtube vids for learning musical theory?
  2. you'll need to learn scales too and keep your melody in the same scale as your chord progression.
  3. buy some books by mel bay....they teach a lot....i got one with every scale and chord. then i got one with jazz chord progressions. there is stuff out there, not really here
  4. Man u need to sit down learn as many songs as u can and then disect the chord changes so that u learn patterns. Then u need to sit down and learn some more theory so u can understand 7th chords and there relations to other chords. Do u kno ur circle of 4ths and 5ths? do u kno any other common chord progressions besides 1-4-5? what about 3-6-2-5 or just 2-5-1?

    after u play enough songs chord progessions will just flow out of ur fingers

    why dnt u just try to write a song useing 2 chords for now? like how bout D7 and G7 or something simple like that
  5. Thanks for the input guys...I will check out books by mel bay and kief that thing you posted.

    I guess this isn't the best place for my stoned music theory questions.
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    haha yea sorry man im no theory teacher, i kinda just know how to use theory not describe it.

    I guess i could tell u its the 7th that makes a chord a chord as opposed to just a triad......think of it as the extra major or minor sound added to the chord cake.

    A-C#-E-G3 is a AM7

    A-C-E-G is a Am7

    A-C#-E-G is A7
    theres more possiblities too like a minor 3rd major 7th..

    have u ever just tried stacking thirds to make new sounds? alot of the time il come up with melodies by just arpegiating chords one note at a time using different rhythms..

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