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  1. Going for a consult tomorrow. Getting a tattoo on my right inside forearm it's going to be a sand hourglass with a rose on top with the stem "melting" (not sure if that's the right word) into sand and on the bottom will be a skull on top of the sand.

    Pretty much saying time will kill everything so stop wasting it...

    What other way can I say that? I was thinking I would put the words "time" on top and "kills" on bottom but wanted to hear other opinions.
  2. Other opinions I got...kinda want something more, poetic I guess....

    If not now, when?

    Life's too short

    Against time
  3. I'm not sure what other ways to say what you want but you put it well the first time IMO. You design idea sounds great! Update us with a pic if you get it, thanks!

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  4. Personally I wouldn't add words...the symbol should be enough 
  5. Yeah words can make it look cheap
  6. Imagine if underneath the mona lisa was painted "FRENCH LADY SMILING"

  7. Hurhurhur M. Angelos David BACK ACHE FOR REAL
  8. "Time Kills" sounds pretty dope to me..

    I wouldn't do a regular saying though like "life's short"
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