Need help with thinking of a better watering system

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  1. We water by weight. So if the plant is feeling light we water till it is coming out the bottom. Generally the plant will feel heavy for a day or two and we have to water again. It takes up to about 5 gallons give or take for all 8 of our plants. Sometimes I water and let the container underneath catch it or we will take each plant individually out and set it over a bucket to water. We use the grow bags so it gets more air to the soil but if you don’t water slow enough it comes out all the sides and makes a huge mess. It’s a very timely process. There has to be another way. Any ideas?? 4CF7B0CA-C410-48F8-9266-19A374F943B0.jpeg
  2. garden sprayer
  3. Blumats
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  4. Those are pretty cool, never seen them before.
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  5. They are amazing when set up correctly.
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  6. If I had a large number of plants going at once, I'd definitely want some of those. But I only have 2 in flower and 2 in veg at any given time so it doesn't really take much daily maintenance time, plus I enjoy smoking a bowl and taking care of the plants.
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  7. Great for when you wanna go on vacation or have a family emergency you can grab the one you screw a soda bottle to filled with water.
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  8. the single fucking greatest decision i have made was to stop using growbags and going with quality plastic. lasts longer, no mess, less humidity due to slower evoporation, less frequent irrigation.

    i also like blumats
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