need help with taking clones!

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  1. Okay i switched to 12/12 8 days ago, i determined i have 4 females today, only one was a male:] so the problem is my hydroponics store is out of neoprene disks and they wont be in for a week. So is it okay to take clones at 15 days of flowering, and also is it okay if there is any bud formation on the clones i take? thanks alot.
  2. Get a pool noodle and cut discs out of it. Yes you can take clones in flower. I've seen people take clones as late as 30 days into flower. They claim that flowering clones grow more branches and bush out more. :smoke:
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  3. thanks alot man
  4. ya you can take clones 2 weeks after you start flowering, but dont do it after you see little buds forming. you'll have retarded looking clones with the weirdest leaves and its just a mess, i learned this the hard way =((.
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  5. they do get bushy, but when you take clippings off from buding plants your clone will get stunned and take twice as long to root.
  6. okay thanks hopefully they get the neoprene circles in soon and all will be well

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