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  1. Need Advice on deciding  what fan is needed for a tent 36 x 20 x 60inches. Running a 250 hps. Do i need a 4 or 6 inch inline fan. Should  a  speed control be considered? Also do i need lets say 2 inline fans?? one for fresh air and one to connect to carbon filter to remove smell and heat??

  2. Since no replies I will just say it in my opinion 1 6 inch inline should be plenty and a mini desk fan on the inside to move air with passive intake if you have problems with heat after that Ur lights to big for the space

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  3. Thanks alot for ur input XXXJAILBAIT420 . i hope that 6 inch inline fan keeps temps down. Would def suck  if it still got to hot :(  fingers so crossed. 
  4. Ya like I said of the six inch don't keep it cool the light is to big but make sure there is something.g moving the air inside the cabinet otherwise the outgoing heat will be a waste almost imo

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  5. yes a 6 inch inline blower is enough for that size area.
  6. Thanks fellow blade @signamoker

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