Need help with scrog.

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  1. Hello everyone.
    Im going to scrog after 2 weeks from now and need help.(auto plants)
    Can it done without topping my plants?
    As u alll know auto plant flowering after 4 or 5 weeks so can i top without no problem? I don't want to have 2 small tops.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. It's not worth scroging autos. I've topped many autos before and lst. That's a better route
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  3. Why its not worth?
  4. Because you won't fill the screen with that short of a veg time.
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  5. Or just grow regular photo seeds
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  6. Ahaa... that's what i was afraid of
  7. Scrogging works great for autos. There is no need to slow their growth with topping.
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  8. One say its work great and other one says doesn't worth. :/
  9. It depends on the auto and the grower and whatnot... some autos can get huge but it depends on genetics/grower ability... if you stunt an auto during veg it's not going to get that time back but if you do everything right and it has the right light.... and you buy well known genetics a scrog could work I guess.... but LST would do just fine for an auto... just do it and see if you like it. if I doesn't work out oh well take it off. if it does work it but you decide it's not worth the hassle of the plants being stationary try LST the next go...

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    Scrogging couldn't adequately control the growth of my autos in this 6'11" tent, but I purposely grew them in the mid 80s F. There is plenty of time for autos to veg when scrogging. I seem unable to cut and paste a picture, but they grew into the lights.
  11. Well, im growing autopilot xxl from MOC
  12. My autos loved scrogging. I got 20 oz from a 3 f x 3 f tent that had some nute/light burn issues (trying to upload photo again): photo not cooperating
  13. 20 is alot
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    Like unbelievably alot in such a small space with autos in a scrog.

    Autos suck for scrogs because in their short life cycle there's not enough time to manipulate a scrog net properly like you can with a photo plant where time is on tour side. Autos tour stuck with the plants time frame as you have no control. I scrog photos and also grow autos.
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  15. I think it was due in large part to the high temp and high humidity, and following the VPD chart. I couldn't believe the ferocious growth. I'll be growing them cooler and smaller in the future. Scrogging controls height, and greatly increases yield. I had bud sites everywhere, but a lot of the yield was popcorn buds.
  16. Not 5 lb, just 20 oz (dry weight, 100 oz wet), which is 1.25 lb. I'd show a tent photo, but my picture appears for a few seconds, then disappears.
  17. 1.25lbs. This is one of those times where the internet rule pics or it didn't happen applies. Nobody recommends scorching autos, yet you claim to break yield records in a tiny place. I got to call b.s. without evidence bro.

    How many plants?
    What lighting?
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  18. 5 plants, but with scrogging, canopy size is what really matters.
    I used Platinum P-600 lights, gh flora nutes plus calmagic, no bloom nutes ever, no flushing. These factors, and the hot temp is what gave the yield, which did include popcorn.

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  19. those are the good type of autos I was talking about haha. You did a good job beats the people that end up with a few grams haha
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