Need Help with scrog Idea and Watering Ideas

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  1. As the title suggests I need help with scrogging ideas and the conundrum of watering with said scrog.

    Option 1
    I want to attempt to have 2 rows of 3 plants in a 5'x5' Grow tent. What scrogging methods can I use? I will be using fabric 5 gallon pots. Soil(less) medium is Promix HP+M.

    I was thinking using pvc pipe to create a structure around the plants and place 2x 2 feet by 4 feet welded fence one top secured down by screws.

    Now if I want to do that I will need to come up with a simple Irrigation system that I can fit on the outside of the tent that uses just gravity to pull the nutrient solution down to all 6 plants equally. (I would store like 15-20 gallons of solution in the reservoir)

    Option 2

    Have a free standing Scrog (One scrog screen per plant) that way I can move them in and out of the grow tent for manual watering can watering.(I am hoping that someone has information on how much Promix HP soil consumes in water)

    I am open to any suggestions. The next grow I am using Sensible Seeds Blue Wizard and Some rando seed called Flufflernutter (I have pics)
  2. Why don't you just top and lst? It achieves the same purpose without the hassle of the screen and it allows you to move them around, making it easier to feed.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. It is a conundrum for folks like you and me.
    I want to be able to move my plants around and 'play with them'.
    I want to try a screen, as well.
    The only idea that *my* demented brain came up with is something along the lines of a round grill from a BBQ... on stilts stuck in the soil... somewhat larger than the size of my pot.
    I JUST got a new refrigerator and saved the grill shelf to play with, cut up, etc...
    it may STILL be too unwieldy.
  4. That's what I've been doing... but I thought I might 'step it up a notch'.
    Not worthwhile in your opinion?

  5. I tried to LST my plants last time and it kinda back fired on me


    Ill be lucky to get an ounce from each plant.

    Thats why I am asking for advice. Either im overthinking how to LST each plant properly to promote better growth
  6. My opinion doesn't matter - give it a try so you can decide for yourself.
    I have done a few scrogs with good success, but I can achieve the same thing by doing lst, without the hassle of the screen. Everyone has to try all the different methods for themselves to make the best decision. Most growers are always trying out new grow techniques - including myself.
    Good luck.
  7. I'm ready to TRY it, but it seems too kludgy... at least in my mind.
    Can't get those T5s down low enough....
    If your opinion didn't matter to me... I wouldn't have asked for it!
    So there!:)
  8. I am going to experiment on each plant. If Im doing LST what did you find worked best? Im trying to find better alternatives to what I have used. I used twine and tied branches to bamboo stakes i shoved into the ground. I had to get a new watering can as a result.

  9. I use craft store pipe cleaners; very gentle yet very strong and easy to use.
    You can see pictures, in here, on LST. Everyone does it differently.
    No one cares, I tell ya!
    Hope that helps....
  10. I think you can get the t5's low enough - you just can't let the colas get too tall.

    I appreciate the vote of confidence. I was attacked by a couple of guys in another thread and accused of being a know it all because they didn't agree with my advice, so I'm trying to be more diplomatic with my responses so I don't offend anyone. :)

    I'm no scrog expert but if I can be of help, let me know.
    Good luck.
  11. I scrog. My plants sit on top of sub irrigated planters and water themselves.
  12. so you bent the pipe cleaner around branch and how did you attach it to the pot? staple or did you use safety pins?
  13. I am gun-shy now, as well, but I still try to help on the 'light stuff'.
    I posted a response that was dead wrong... and I knew it within minutes.
    I wasn't fast enough to edit it;I got called on it.
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    Safety pins.
    Actually, they are referred to as horse blanket pins or quilt cover pins, or duvet pins...
    No one cares, I tell ya!

    I make a hook on the end of the pipe cleaner and pull the plant as desired.
    I thread the other end though a pin on the pot edge.
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  15. The one I hate is when a problem is perplexing and you google it, and the first thing that comes up is your totally wrong reply from years ago.
    Mick takes beautiful pictures worth a thousand words. he has some good scrog pictures.
  16. I have 12 plants in 4x4 tent gonna put 16-20 next run I grow em a foot tall and take off lower branches to water helps reach in and lower branches are just fluff anyway makes a lot of nice tops I top all my clones once and leave about 4 branches on them
    I am also tall so I can reach easy threw the whole tent for hand watering
    You could get a drip feed sytem just need a little pump doesn’t need to be strong for that many plants that’s what I want to do one day

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