Need help with rapid rooters please

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  1. Can someone please help me with my Rapid Rooter Germination i have the seed that had already sprouted a taproot into my rapid rooter i have been told to leave it by my window and it will grow but i have been reading different so can someone tell me any other ways you have used to germ in rr's its only been two days but im thinking about putting them in the closet under a tuperware container with a space heater to try to create a humidity dome or i was thinking of just running the space heater with my humidifier in the small closet anyone else wanna weigh in and tell me what they have done or if this is a good or bad idea would really appreciate it

  2. It doesn't need to be that warm. I have like a 98% germination ratio just layering them into 2 paper towels, wetting them and putting them in a ziplock in my drawer for 3 days. 98%!

  3. thats what i did to get the taproot out and after the taproot came out i put it into my rapid rooter i just now made a lil makeshift humidity dome. im using the rapid rooters because im growing in a DWC hydro set up. did you use Rapid Rooters??
  4. Ooh see I didn't know what that was. I do not have hydro knowledge. What exactly are you doing?

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    tjg. Rapid Rooters work great. One of the benefits is that you can't really overwater them. I'd say to make sure they stay pretty wet and try to keep them at about  75-ish degrees. Temps arn't super critical if it's a little colder than 75 it'll just take a little longer. Make sure you don't get her too hot though as this will kill her pretty quickly.  Hopefully shell rear her head soon..good luck..SW
  6. thank you for the information i was worried about the heat if i was going to make a humidity dome i keep it nice and moist and my room is around that tempature anyways. it is taking awhile last time i had my seed popped with the first set of leaves around 7-8 days but that was a different straind ive noticed that the straind im using now (lemon kush) was a little slower to Germ in the paper towels its been a total of 4 days now in the rapid rooter. lol i really wanna look at it but i killed a seed that way. i wanted to check the growth and i was worried i put it in the wrong way maybe and i tried to pull it out  to check it but i ended up cutting the taproot off with my tweezers lol so i plan on just letting it sit there haha. I keep water at the bottom of the shot glass that its in. Should i be using light or keeping it dark? thats where i got confused because i heard alot of mixed oppinions on this. some say they did it in a dark closet some say they used sunlight and some said they used the lights they used for there grow so i just want to make sure i do it right. Right now i have it in my room if it does get any real light its just from the overhead light in my room which isnt bright at all.
  7. I germinate my seed in my rapid rooter, then I place that directly into soil with a humidity dome for 2 days then I leave the lid off abd distaste the top of the soil/rooter until it finally breaks through... so far im at 100 percent germination rate with seeds from attitude..

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    tjg, one thing to think about is how cannabis would grow in nature and the way it's evolved over who knows how many years. In nature it doesn't hang out in some dark closet until it's ready for light. Having said that, I'd put some light on her. It'll help keep her warm. I usually place it in sunlight, but you have to be careful cause the sun can make it too hot especially if it's in a rapid rooter thats not in soil. You could place the rapid rooter in a cup of soil to help buffer the heat of the sun or a light...I hope that helps..SW
  9. that does help alot but if im doing hydro would it be ok to just put it in my net pot with the hyrdoton and then turn my light on but at a safe distance?
    Not going to lie here, sorry I don't have much experience in the hydro department. Last time I did the hydro thing was in the mid 90's and used rockwool. You could just use the rapid rooter and make sure it stays wet...
  11. i have it in a nice warm closet with a humidifier so its nice and warm and its wet its been in there 6 days but no sprout how long does it usually take i dont want to just throw it away when all i need to do is be patient because seeds are pretty expensive. i heard it came be anywhere from 3 days to a week i did notice that this seed did take longer to germ in the paper towels then the other strains i tried
    Yeah it seems like it's taking a long time to pop out. I also use the paper towel method of germinating, sometimes with this method I've noticed that it's important how you put the sprouted seed in the rapid rooter. If it goes in all janky it can do weird stuff like loop around on it's self or even grow downwards. I usually dig down in and take a peek at whats happening, but only if it's taking too long. I know you mentioned that you broke a tap root in the past. Just need to be really careful. The rapid rooter tear easily, you could tear it open too. Or just be patient and keep your fingers crossed.
  13. i might do that i was thinking about just cutting the rr down the middle and taking a look i moved the seed up a lil bit and it doesnt look rotten or anything and there if def a healthy taproot maybe its just going crazy down there i put it in pretty early so i thought it would be straight but who knows i might just have to start over but im going to wait a few more days unless i mess it up trying to take a look at it lol
  14. i looked its def growing but it is a lil jagged idk if i should try to fix it or just leave it be what do you think??
    If it's growing I would think just letting it do it's thing would be a good approach.
  16. ya im not messing with it lol i know ill end up messing it up and then ill be pissed lol the taproot is healthy and theres even a little root system starting it just doesnt want to lift its head out of the dirt
  17. The seed busted through the top today and looks like its going to crack out of its shell here in the matter of a few hours tomorrow by the latest i have my light on and i moved it closer to the seed so when it does sprout it doesnt start stretching for light. My patience paid off haha i really didnt think it was going to work but as soon as i cut the rr open it started growing upwards on its own i think i just had to free it up a little

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