need help with one of my plants!

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    hello everyone, i'm a first time grower and one of my plants leaves are getting yellow and some got tip burns, i think it might be due to low PH, or magnesium or N deficiency. unfortunately i don't have anything to measure the PH levels yet (i'm gonna get something in the near future). plants are about 2 to 3 weeks into vegetative stage and i have just started feeding them. only 1ml of N per litre and a bit of mixed nutrients and iron compost. i don't really think that the problem is because of overfeeding.
    i would really appreciate it if you took a look and tell me your opinion.. if you know what's wrong please let me know [​IMG]

    p.s: the light is an 300W LED

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  2. Without adjusting and knowing the pH you're flying blind.
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  3. Yeah... i orderd a pen yesterday and waiting for it to arrive
  4. I use the GH drops - doesn't need calibration, no need for 7.0 and 4.0 calibration solutions or storage and cleaning solutions. The drops are never wrong and cheap. Good Luck. :)
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  5. those plants look fried from heat, and yeah as MickFoster said, you should monitor ph its not expensive at all. youve probably got lockout causing those deficiencies and seriously i cant stress the heat enough, move your lights away!
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  6. theres going to be a million hiccups along the way, i Remember my first grow. i had miracle grow powder solution and grew it in a mason jar on my desk w some lights hahaha practice makes perfect!
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  7. thanks man, yeah i'm looking into the future :)
    i'll take a note of it but the light is about 28 inches from the top of the plants. is it close for LEDs? ... and the closet is 24-26 degrees on average... are you sure? the symptoms are similar to magnesium and nute deficiency due to the pH. i'm getting my meter in the coming days and i'm gonna try to manage this .. thanks again mate!!
  8. thank you so much :)
  9. I mean it’s definitely possible! But yeah your lights seem to be at a good distance and temp seems great, so ride out the wave and see! That’s the thing with these plants. They respond really fast so I would say in a week if new growth doesn’t appear to be remotely better then look into it and make sure ur checking temps at canopy level not ground or room temps cuz it looks like the higher up it is the worse the curling is, u are right about the deficiencies tho. So many things present themselves in a similar way! Keep us posted! Can’t wait to see how it all gets solved!

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  10. Oh wow yeah I didn’t see all the pics! Ur light is really far haha it’s defs the deficiencies. Haha who ever said u needed help!

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  11. :D im currently waiting for my pH meter to arrive, my pH is probably a little low, im gonna change pots and soil and add a little something to get the pH up... ill keep you posted if it got better, but since i posted this it has gotten a bit worse.. i really hope i can fix it...

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