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  1. I have a 4ft. by 2ft. aquarium that is 18in. tall. I am using black lights for the lighting. Im thinking about giving it a daily dose of carbon dioxide by way of baking soda and vinegar. And a supersonic humidifier. The plants are all strands of Northern Lights and Kind Bud. But i need some help.

    Would this be enough for the plant to bud in a larger amount?
    If so how long will it take to harvest?
    Would it be seasonal or could i control it by the lighting?
    Is there a way i could do it without using soil? (suspending it from ceiling?)
    What storebought ingridients would i need to make a very good hydroponic solution?

    That is all i need to know. I would greatly appreciate the help
  2. First. You cannot grow a plant using a blacklight. I would recomend a hps light (high pressure sodium) exy but worth it.
    You can grow a plant without soil but its called hydroponics. You cant hang it from the ceiling. and yes you can change the time when it buds by the light schedule. itll take about 3-4months to grow a plant from seed to bud
    Happy growing

    oh and take a look at this site...itll help you with all the basics...just read everything there man....and then read some more stuff off other sites

    happy growing
  3. I appreciate the help. That site tought me a lot. Thank you very much for your help. But does anyone have a design for 100 gallon aquarium?
  4. You dont grow in aquariums, you grow in boxes with white walls and cut holes in the bottoms for inlets and attach fans in the top for exhaust.
  5. your welcome dude....yeah dont use a fish tank as glass doesnt let all light get in....white walls are very useful because they reflect the can also use alfoil (dull side) or a thing you buy called "mylar"
    good luck

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