need help with my setup please guys!!

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    Hi people!

    new to the forum starting a new grow real soon need some help on my setup and the best way to get the best yields off my space, still fairly new to growing got a fair few grows under my belt so my space is a 1.0mx1.0m 1.8m tent so im thinking 5 plants in 3gallon smart pots under a 6inch air cooled hood with a 600mh for veg then a 600w hps for flower and a scrog them and train so they get even light coverage im going with a 5ich prima kilma extractor with a reducer for the 6inch hood with osculating fans for extra airflow going with bio bizz light mix and going with the PM organic grow and bloom along side some root sim some cal mag and some plant magic pk booster, so my question is do you think I could pull a nice yield off this space or is that to many plants what do you guys think im grateful for any info before I go rushing in all guns blazeing we have all done that!! :sneaky:

    smoke on guys peace
  2. all the gadgets in the world cant just give you yield,i dont know the metric system but sounds like about a 3x3 tent i guess,anyway,it all you friend,training and all that is were yield come from in my opinion,you could do single cola solo cup grow and yield great product
  3. y

    yes sorry I wasn't that clear on my space its a 1,0mx1.0 wide and 1.8m heigh tent, yes I know I am planning on training ect to get nice light coverage, and what solo cup straight to 12/12 that sounds interesting that would be exciting to try
  4. hard work in soil,coco and a flood and drain table,shit rock on be more colas than a scrog
  5. 3 plants per 4x8 grow tent ………….
    Each plant grow 3 ft diameter .

    You will get more yield from one large plant instead of 5 small plants .
  6. If you're growing in a tent, give serious consideration to access to the rear of your grow area. reaching over a 1m scrog to try and train the branches at the back, tough if you're only going in the front of the tent.

    i'm in about the same size tent and would have rather done 2 plants than the 4 i did, just because of the space/access restrictions.

    you're gonna need to be able to pull them in and out to trim, train (lst) and then to lollypop.... or, have enough room inside to get in and work inside the tent.

    don't go too far down the rabbit hole to only find out you went too far!

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