Need help with my lightbulb vaporizer

Discussion in 'General' started by atrandal, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. first I need to say it's really a good item in my stash. I like to use it, but i decided to test if it took all the thc and I smoke the vaporized weed. It had a brownish color with little part burnt but mostly not. After 4 hits from a bowl I was stoned. So is there anything i don't do well when a vaporize? I use a 100w lighbulb with a torch lighter and wait untill there is a little blank vapor. After that, I shake the weed inside so everypart get hot. Should a cut the weed in very little part before putting it in? Otherwise I get descent high from it. ( i'm stoned) and there is not smell at all. You must try that at least

    thx for your answer
  2. no one know? Maybe i'm gonna check to buy one. DO they sell Vaporizer in most headshop? I'm from Quebec
  3. make the weed you use cover the most surface area possible, shake works best.

    That and don't use a lot, a thin layer that completely covers the glass is best.

  4. pretty much any headshop that carries bongs and pipes will have atleast one type of vap...
  5. Ahh I've had this problem when using a lightbulb vaporizer. What we ended up doing is finding a decent candle in a candle holder and just setting the bulb down on it and letting it sit. It gets more hazy in there and it gets you pretty high. I don't use homemade vapos anymore tho because i dont like the taste as much. I stick to my glass handpipe cuz it phucks me up! But try this it may help
  6. what all do you have to do to make a bulb vap? I'm interested somewhat
  7. What i did was basically take a regular bulb and remove the insides using a knife and screwdriver. I busted through the black piece on the bottom and broke some of the inside glass. You mainly just kinda do it by looks. Just be sure you clean the white powder out very good so your bulb will be clear, and make sure there is no glass. After that just drop the bud in and put a flame to it. Also what i did was take a 2 liter bottle lid and screw over the end of the light bulb. (which fits perfectly i might add) and poke a hole in it. I then used the end of a pen (at the end that's on the paper) to plug the hole and make a mouth piece. Sorry if these directions are bad but I'm not good with directions.
    The main thing to remember is be careful when breakin the insides and removing stuff!!

    Keep Tokin

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