Need help with Light for plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Klowny10, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Alright well i plan on growing plants in a grow box i just made about to feedt wide and 2 and a half feet tall so i got 3 23 watts (5000k) and 4 23 watts (2700k) i was wondering if i can use all 7 for more lighting for veg and then the same thing to flower what would be the results? Im gonnu Lst and and scrog the Plant also will i get good yield? And is it gonnu be ok for my plants? Cuz i was wondering what happen if i combined all of them for more light...
  2. Lumens are lumens but you wont get the desired growing effects during either stage if you do that.
  3. Oh alright thanks so would it be fine if i use 3 23 watt(5000k) and 1 23 watt (2700k)? So it can be around 100 for the plant then when flowering ill just use 4 23 (2700k) is that fine?
  4. yea that should get you goin but you would be better off using 6500k bulbs for veg and if you can cram in more 2700k bulbs in there during flowering you will get better bud production.
  5. alright thanks u think its possible doing a party cup grow like around 5 of them using 6 23 watt cfls until i see their sex and get rid of males and just keep females? im trying to grow 12/12 from seed until harvest in party cups
  6. yea thats possible you will just have to keep an eye on the soil moisture
  7. Why what would be wrong with it? I plan on watering ever 2 or 3 days till its dry

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