Need help with huge bags under the eyes

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  1. Hi all, lately I've been going to job interviews, and even when I feel like I'm the most qualified, I feel like I'm being turned down because I look like such a pothead. Even with snappy dress clothing on, and having abstained from THC for over 24 hours, I still have big bags under my eye that make me look like I just woke up.

    I haven't smoked for more than 48 hours, I have a job interview in 2 hours, and I still look like I just woke up. I woke up 5 hours ago goddamnit. Anybody have any tricks for eye bag reduction?

    Also in case anyone tries to recommend Preparation H for the quick fix, just found out they stopped using the ingredient in the cream that used to tighten the eyes up.
  2. get a cucumber cold, slice it up and put a slice on each eye--
    also there are a few different creams you can get at any drugstore that should do the trick

  3. Flowerchild knows whats up, i like my eye bags though. Idk why but i just does
  4. tea bags, too.
  5. I'm available if you need teabagging
  6. good luck at your interview dude. its not easy out there right now, as you know.
  7. I too have bags under my eyes. I'm not sure if it's from pot or not, but I haves them. My eyelids are also droopy like my eyes are half closed, and no matter how hard I try I just can't my eyes to open wide unless I open them manually with my fingers.
  8. Cucumbers and tea bags both work great...but if you don't have either one of those, you can just use cold spoons...Place 4 or 6 spoons in the refrigerator. When you need to deflate those eyeballs, lie down, close your eyes, and place one spoon (curved side down) on each eye. As the spoon warms, replace it with another cold one from the fridge. Just keep doing this until your eyes look normal...usually 2 spoons to each eye does the trick

    One more thing...if you get the bags under your eyes all the time, it could be a sign of iron can get iron pills from the drug store or just eat more red meats and lotsa green veggies
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    it could also be your diet. lack of zinc. be sure to eat your greens.

    iron,....... that's what it was.
  10. oh, here in grass city we smoke our greens.

  11. lol :smoking:
  12. Need something a little bigger than BBs for these bags, Hoss, your mom might need a hand though :smoking:

    Thanks for all the serious suggestions all, the cold spoons actually worked, I'm actually leaving right now. I'll be smoking some Purple Kush for yall when I get back.

  13. Use the baggy eyes to your advantage!

    Tell them during the interview how you are such a hard working person working during the day and going to school @ night!

    It's all about how you sell yourself!


    Or do the lazy version:

  14. Good luck! I hope you get the job :)
  15. didnt read through the whole thing so dunno if someone already suggested this but you really should get some concealer.but ur prob gonna think its gay.
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA :hello: :D :p
  17. Wow, shouldn't all you kids be in school? ;)

    And, thanks for the well wishes all, I got the job. :smoking: And, they don't drug test.

    I also picked up a bottle of "Sudden Change Under Eye" at Rite Aid for $9, shit works fast. I got home and smoked a fat bowl of Purp, and my eyes went back to full bags, applied some of it under one eye to test it out. Shit works good, it looked like I had a black eye under the eye I didn't use the stuff on.

    Anyone who stumbles upon this thread in the future, try Sudden Change Under Eye, $9 at Rite-Aid, shit tightens your eyes up good. You'll still need Clear Eyes though, lol.

  18. I remember my doctor saying I had iron deficiency amenia, but we never did anything about it. Is bags under the eyes the worst thing that can happen?
  19. also, either a&d oitment or even creamy neosporin before bed or first thing in the am will help them out a bit as well;)

  20. really should take an iron supplement or something....anemia can cause pale skin color, fatigue, irritability, dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath, sore tongue, brittle nails, decreased appetite, headache, feeling cold all the time, and can sometimes lead to heart failure...and on top of the bags under your eyes, it can make ya look like ya got 2 black eyes...lack of iron causes a lack of oxygen in the blood....makes ya feel tired too

    If you don't want to take a supplement (lots of iron supplements cause constipation) , some foods high in iron are red meats, liver (yuk), raisins, spinach, broccoli, and egg yolks

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