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Need help with homemade bong/bowl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by corn420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I just got a Qtr of some dank shit and what are some good items to use when making a bong/bowl any help would be nice pls tell me ur ideas thanks.

  2. ok so get a bottle, put a hole in it, hollow out a pen stick it in the hole, and then use the lid, or something you can find to stay on the pen.

    And the for the bowl use a socket, like for a socket wrench, and then tape around it to make it air tight so you can have good hits! :D

    i made mine look like a robot, and named it RoBong-O :smoking::p
  3. The Waterfall:
    you'll need
    -a plastic soda bottle, you can use any size really.
    -tin foil
    -water source
    -thumb tac

    first take the cap off your bottle, and light the lighter underneath it until you burn a hole right through the cap. The hole should be as big as possible without melting the sides of the cap. You might need to scrape the hot plastic to get a good hole.
    Then take some tin foil, a small square that you can fit over the cap with excess. Carefully push the foil down into the hole, so you have a nice pit. you can tear off the excess foil and mold it around the cap so it's tight. Then take the tack and poke holes through the foil so you have a bowl.
    Now take your lighter and burn a hole in your bottle, on the side right above the bottom. You want it as low down on the side as possible. Pack your bottle cap bowl with weed. Then fill the bottle with water, using your thumb to hold the hole. Still holding the hole tight, screw the cap on the bottle. Then light the weed, and release the hole. Make sure the weed is lit by holding the light there as long as possible. Once it is lit just let the gravity do the work, the water will be replaced by smoke. Once it is empty, unscrew the cap and take the hit. The bowl doesn't have to be very large, and these fuck you up, so its a good way to conserve weed. Also make sure the cap is as airtight as possible, or it wont work.
  4. You need...

    a socket...

    or a nut(a bolt) and a salt shaker top...

    if you can fit the top of a salt shaker into the lid of a waterbottle u can make either an ok waterfall...

    or a dec. steamroller

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