Need help with fertilisant !!

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  1. I have 5 plant under hps 430 w and i'm using premium all purpose potting soil. I've been growing Jack Herer since a 5 weeks using only natural liquiq seaweeds every 2 weeks. I spray on the leaf. Is that enough ?? Should i use other kind of fertilisant ??

    Thank you
  2. When you spray the leaves (foliar feeding) you are potentially risking mould and problems caused by causing the leaves to "suffocate" under the nutrient blanket that is left behind when the water is evaporated/absorbed.
    If you must foliar feed, spray the plants about half to one hour before the lights are due to turn off, this will prevent burning the foliage.
    As for ferts ... most all-purpose 'flower and shrub' fertilisers such as Miracle-Gro do a fine job - just don't overdose your plants, follow the manufacturers recommended dosage. IF you foliar feed with these fert mixes, make sure you use a very low dose (about 1/3rd the recommended).

    Good Luck!

    try this link for plenty of info on growing, ferts etc:

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