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  1. Ok im really not sure of what to do here , i have a 10-21 litre or 5 gallon bucket recirc system that fits in my tent so there is no space for anything else , but i know under veg they dont smell anyhow so dont need to do them in there ...

    the problem i have is my mate has a system in coco where he has the plants vegging as well as flowering then chops the flowerd plants down and brings out the next veg for flowering so its like a constant fast turn around ..

    how would you do that in dwc ...

    do you basically need two 10 bucket systems ,

    my recirc system has 5 inch net pots , so could i have 10 small 5 litre buckets and 10-5 inch pots just growing in hydroton , then transfer to the tent recirc when ready for flowering ... can you just grow in hydroton with nothing else , hope someone can helo or tell me a way how to work out a system in dwc
  2. making another small bucket system will be ok as long as you keep a close eye on the water level,
    how long do you normaly veg for ?

  3. Yes, build another system. Problem is though, that if you veg in rdwc for the whole 8 or so weeks it takes your other room to flower, your going to have some serious monster plants on your hands. More than likely too big!

    Solution- Perpetual grow! You could divide your flowering system into two 5 bucket systems and build another 5 bucket system for veg (which would require a lot less space and only 1 light instead of 2-3). Then when you harvest one half, the other half is about halfway through flowering and your veg plants are ready to go in. Harvest every 4-5 weeks depending on the strain.
  4. ive not even started yet , but trying to figure things out , im doing my first in coco ..

    i was thinking to just clone seedlings then veg , so by the time they are ready the flowering would be over . thats how he does it anyhow , but need to work something out for dwc , i was even thinking of just doing them in coco then washing the roots and placing them in dwc for flower , would this work ?

  5. well i wont be vegging for 8 weeks , he clones then just before flipping for flower , then propagates them in a propagator , he then puts them under a 300w cfl for a few weeks , then then flowerd plants arew ready for choppin then and the new flowers come out , , veg for a week then flip again , ...

    i just need to work it out for dwc , im thinking just coca them for the first part like he does then washing and transplant them into dwc for the week of veg then flowering

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