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Need help with downstem

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by TheMightyKush, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Okay i have a glass on glass bong but the problem is that the female piece isnt a female piece but the actual bowlpack/slides is attached to the female piece that is submerged in the water, what is this called??

    I want to get an attachment that allows the use of a dome and nail conversion and multiple slides without having to worry about having a female piece and so i will know a definate size for the joint.

    All help is much appreciated! :smoke:
  2. Try and put a pic up... does ur bong have a rubber gasket where the stem goes in? ..Really need a pic.
  3. Neeeeed pic!
  4. okay im attaching some images all help is appreciated! :smoke:



  5. and no, there is no rubber gasket although i have another zong that is like that and i know that isnt glass on glass, the one in question is a glass on glass
  6. Looks to me like u need 14mm downstem, (u can measure 4 the length)...then u could accomdate 14mm slide/nail

    sending u a PM
  7. You need to clean your piece lol

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