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Need help with diy

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jtrain252, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. So I've been smoking out of glass bowls and joints pretty much my whole life. I had my first child and while I love it I hate the smell it leaves behind
    My friends all say I should try vaping. I tried a dry herb vape and it tastes like burnt popcorn which I feel like I have to smoke a lot. I did try the magic launch flight box but same result. I didn't like the smell.

    Last year I made butter doing a simple recipe. It was decarb/simmer butter for 1 hour with Decarbed weed./strain.

    Do they make a simple juice recipe something that is very easy to make and stores well.i don't feel like doing zny5hing overly complicated. . Can I use store bought juice and put Decarbed weed In it. Do I have to strain into a home mixture. What is a cheap vape I can get to use the liquid With?

    I want to try and get the most out of my weed without the smell. Thanks guys

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  2. Your really going to need a nice battery size. 4000mah or larger. With a RDA. Rebuildable drip atomizer.for any homemade eliquid tinctures. Have yett to find a good recipe. Rather just smoke dabs out of RDA. Eliquid tinctures tend to taste Burnt cause the VG and pg an what not all vape at different temps compared to tch. 350-420°f that is high compared to VG pg blends. Don't think they go past 330°f normally.
  3. That's asham3 I'm looking for a good way to get high without smell. And as much as I enjoy eating it I wanted something quicker

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  4. I think table vapes or the volcano replica ballons don't smell. More like a hay smell at best. Portable hash pens always smell cause its concentrates. No portable smoking or vapeing apparatus iv heard of yett that's actually smell proof or stealthy.
  5. What about making an oil for dropping directly under your tongue or a cap is that simple to do

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  6. If it tastes like burnt popcorn I would imagine you would benefit by using a vape that will allow you to set your own temperature. Vaping around 360-370 degrees produces a very pleasant herbal taste and shows off the different flavors of the herb (ie citrusy, piney, peppery, etc.). I vape in my living room all the time with my wife sitting next to me on the sofa - she does not use mj and she says she doesn't smell it at all.
  7. That's the thing the G panel EI can set my temperature and 5゚ increments from like 200゚ up to 430 even if I don't get the part popcorn smell it's still taking I feel an incredible amount of weed to get me high or as a bowl orsomething is much faster

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  8. Get a volcano. Flavour is beautiful all tge time. Smell clears up quickly and they get you super high
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  9. Personally I would try to get a volcano. Costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth it.

    Have you considered making tinctures or caps?
  10. I just started vaping. I ordered a vision spinner 2 and oil from rove get on kush
  11. Hey guys new here! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thought I would throw my 2 cents out there on this topic fwiw.

    For my Christmas present this year I decided to splurge a little and get myself a Herbalizer (I know I know it's pricey as he!!). I also own a firefly 2 as well as an arizer extreme Q (in addition I have used varioud volcano medias numerous times as well). I wish I could get paid for this...or even get an extended warranty lol but 100 percent honest truth, the Herbalizer is hands down the best vaporizer (desktop or otherwise, doesn't matter I'll put it against any) that I have ever used including The above listed. I know a lot of people do not want to spend $600 on a vape so I understand if you disagree but if you want the best possible experience IMHO I would recommend it hands down.
  12. Get an extreme Q. You're intro into vaping. It will make ballons, it has a whip attatchment and its made for multiple people to use. It's been around forever and just made better over the years. It's way less expensive than the volcano and you will love it. It's not stainless steel like the volcano but you will lake the more ways it has to use it I garrruuunnntee.

    At a fraction of the price, its the best choice for starters. It wont break the bank but will deliver the vapor.

    My experiences with desktop vape are everything from a heat island to a sublimator. I've had a ton of them.
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  13. My Q was a gift (to get me off bongs etc)..I never liked my PAXII, but the Q is great..(I only use the whip)..Smoke is flavorful and I get big clouds (poor lung capacity and living at High Altitude) so If I tire, I just use the built in fan and it about vapes itself..LOL)
    The Cyclone bowl is crazy to watch..the weed dances around as hot air covers every little surface..

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