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  1. I am totally new to growing, I am planning on growing an autoflower ak47xlowryder cross X LOWRYDER 2

    I am going to be stealth growing, and only one plant at a time. How much light or what kind of light bulb will I need to grow one of these? I am looking for one that doesn't produce much heat at all. I will be getting a carbon scrubber, and I assume I just attach it to a small fan? I will be growing this in a closet in a cabinet or a dresser, will it make the whole room smell or just the closet? Also any recommendations on how big of a space I will need to grow just one of these plants. I hate to ask so many questions, but I am new, and very clueless. Please let me know if I forgot anything else that I will need to successfully grow this plant.
  2. Remember I want this to be AS discrete as possible, that means the bare minimum I need to make this plant grow healthy. I want as little smell as possible too, so any suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated.
  3. if u are planing to grow auto ak 47 u need at least 1 m tall boX for plant light and mediuum . if u don't want to get hot in box buy cooltube and hps 400w cuz in autoflower plants are very inportent the wats of light and for fan if u got carbon filter then shouldnt smell in your room if u got it in closet.
  4. thank you! now then, I have a question about the fan. Do I need just one fan blowing around in the box, or do I also need an "exhaust" fan blowing out of the box to get circulation? Also, a 400w bulb seems like a really bright one, do I really need that much light?
  5. ye u need in and out fan cuz with bether air circulation plant will be healthy and they will get more co2
    for light u don't have to have that much W. But in this plant is very important to have good light because more light more buds :D u can also get some envirolate lights which got small W and more lumens then ordinary house lamp.

    sry my english lang. :)
  6. For some reason I'm getting the vibe your trying to hide this from someone who lives in the same house that you are... IF that is the case (I might be wrong), don't grow. You'll never be able to hide it from someone living with you.

  7. I agree.

    If that's not the case and you're looking to keep it discrete, I would definitely look into
    CFL's for your first grow. Build a small can carbon scrubber and just set it inside the room under the plant and keep it running. Also keep a small oscillating fan going to gently move the plant.

    Check out the LST guide and Kamel's CFL thread for info. Keep the plant low with LST and make sure no part of the plant is more than 6" from a CFL bulb. (approximately)

    You'll probably run about 4 or 5 bulbs. :)
  8. Well, there is someone who lives in the house, but I would be growing in the basement of a three-story house. No one enters the basement ever, and if they did it wouldn't be to the room I plan on growing in. Do you still think this is a bad idea? Would it be that noticeable?
  9. Put a lock on the door and start using it. Make noise, be rowdy and then quiet down.
    If nobody gets curious in the next 6 months or you have a confrontation and they're ok with a locked door... Go for it!

    Just don't blindly start something and "Hope" that everything will work out ok.

    Success is when preparedness meets opportunity

    If you're not prepared you're just playing until the odds catch up with you... and they will.

    Think everything through, test everything out. If you're going to be moving in a year, do some outdoor gardening if possible... get your grow on and play around with cloning and such.

    When you move you can pick the place and be more ready to jump in with both feet. :cool:
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    Is size an issue?

    You can build everything into a cabinet and use Scrog to keep everything short (which will also get you the highest yeild)

    Use one quiet fan that moves around 300cfm (correct me if I'm too far off guys) that blows out of the box.

    I make sure that my inlet size is at least 3-4 times the size of the outlet diameter and usually a lot more. I also put allergen filters on the incoming air.

    If you can build a charcoal can filter that will fit inside the cab without impinging on the light or grow space (somewhere near the top) suck the air from inside the cab, through the filter and out of the cab. This will draw fresh air into the cab from the bottom. (Hopefully cool air as it's a basement)

    Inside the cab mount a 12VDC oscillating car fan hooked to a plug in radioshack transformer. Put it near the inlet so it's blowing the fresh air around the cab and making the leaves move a bit. Keeps fresh air blowing across the leaves and prevents bad humidity buildup in air pockets.

    Try to make sure you don't have any dead air pockets where air doesn't move. (shouldn't be hard with a small cab)

    Whatever you do... don't stop reading information about what you're going to do.

    Use a shallow container with lid that holds 10 gallons and get a 250W HPS light. (2' x 2' screen for maximum potency of your harvest. Bigger screen, less potency)
    (I can't stress enough how well the Lucas Formula works for everyone's first grow. IMHO There are more first grow success stories with people using the LF than the same number of folks starting with soil. There are very few Lucas failures.)

    Also.. when scrogging, you don't need to use a netpot since the screen eventually supports the plant. Just wrap a length of sponge around the stem and stick it into an inch and a half sized hole in the lid. I would use 2 plants for a 250W scrog like that.

    You should get approximately 2-3 ounces if you're not that great at it which should be plenty for a first grow for one person.

    Scale up accordingly :)

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