need help with dab rig selection

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  1. new to expensive glass, am looking to spend 3-500. just want to know what rig will give me the best bang for my buck. so far I've liked the seven arm toro micro for 510$
  2. sov recycler ftw
  3. Take a look at the Jerome Bakers on grasscity. 
  4. DERB:what do you think?
    ME: I think you should by a cheap acrylic bong and spend the rest on weed.
    DERB: Dude that's not what I want!
    ME: Then WTF did you ask me what I think? It's what YOU think! It's what YOU want!
    If you trust me with my opinion then you might as well give me the money and let me buy it for you. Don't get mad if I don't return with what you want.
  5. Revere glass has awesome rigs.

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  6. dang my dude, trying to find which glass is quality without having to go study some glass books or something. I'm not asking what to do with 500$ and if I was i sure as hell wouldn't ask people on here because most would reply with an answer like you. I honesty see no point in why you even replied to the thread. all the other blades are being cool and namin some brands.
  7. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415654878.859814.jpg
    ohhh this one is nice, I bidded on glass auction on ig so if I don't win that this might be the winning choices
  8. Looks like a toro knockoff
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    Not bad, I personally wouldn't because the stem is not braced to the can. I always have bad luck with ones like that. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415663887.190114.jpg

    This is mine

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  10. holy shit that looks amazing. how much did you get it for
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    It was exactly $110us from it's a biohazard. Look into the sellers
    Skyhigh66, greenbuddah, american glass studio, and bakebros. They all have great products, I've bought from them all, bakebros selection is huge! Like 3000 items last I checked, they have name brands like highway 420, prescribed, killa etc.

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  12. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415707650.937082.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415707682.502677.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415707713.095989.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415707738.199743.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415707761.450296.jpg

    Just a few for ya.

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    I love my Jerome baker, you're getting a piece of history when you buy it too. First company to ever make the percolator. 
    And to the guy that said it looks like a Toro knock off, Jerome Baker has been around way longer so if anyone copied anyone it would be Toro. 

    P.S - If you're going to go the Jerome Baker route, or buy any piece from Grass city for that matter, wait until November 20th when their annual 25-30% off everything starts. 
  14. Where did you see JBD as being the first company to make percs? I've seen that written about a half dozen companies but for JBD it's a first.

    The fact that it looks like a knockoff has zero to do with which company came first. JBD was shut down for years then re-entered the market with scientific glass, following what other companies had started producing. They completely abandoned their original heady design philosophy that made them popular in the first place. They are definitely copying other companies these days- the fact that a semi-related company existed a couple decades ago has nothing to do with where they are now.
  15. Roor sucks stay away from them.. Besides to many knockoffs and I am sure you are buying an American Roor which is shit...
    Look at the Hitman Double Barrel Recycler 
    Pulse Stemline Recycler
    Stone Glass Works
    Schmitz Glass
    Just a few brands or bongs ive tried
  16. lol all the knock off roors I don't even think there's any real ones. my dispensaries owner has the hitman double barrel and it is dope as fuck! I Found a straight tube with a square base from hisi ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415729463.041213.jpg
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    Also how could i forget M&M tech. You can't really find them anymore... But shit milks so fat. I wish I had a carb cap back then haha. (Old video)

    That's pretty cool. I never have seen a square base haha. When looking for a dab rig though, generally the smaller pieces are better. You don't have to pull as hard, the smoke condenses easier, and it stays in the pipe for less amount of time.
  18. actually it's hexagon, I'll post more pics when it's here. it looks dope. 210+15 tax
  19. It's not even a disputed thing, and I certainly won't google search for you. You probably heard about a half dozen companies revolutionizing and recreating the percolator. For example, Hops glass was the first to make the inline percolator, another company was responsible for the first tree perc, etc. 

    JBD has most of the original artists back with Jason Harris himself, so it is the same company. And if you look at their Instagram account, they do throw back heady all of the time. Even if they did steal designs, the glass world owes them, and specifically Jason Harris, the ability to do so, since it was his first creation that changed bongs forever. He also created what is now known as the best glass blowing program in North America at the University of Oregon. 

    That being said he doesn't steal anything. You're ignorant on the matter and don't know what you're talking about so I'll forgive you. Just know that you tried to call one of the originators in the glass blowing world an imitator. 
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    M&M is all over still, just do a quick search.
    And smaller with less diffusion is better with oil, no doubt about it. But you don't want the vapor to condense. You want the least condensations possible, that's wasted oil. And the same way vapor is harsh when it's too hot, it's harsh when it's too cold, you want your vapor to go through the least water as possible, and you want the bubbles to pop fast. It's the main reason why i think recyclers are a fad that will die out quick, there is so much wasted oil. 
    For $500 buy a worked mini-tube and never look back.
    I regret buying all the highly diffused pieces i bought. My current daily driver is a circ to circ that wastes half the oil that goes through it. After dabbing 2.5 g's i pulled out 1.5 g's of reclaim... That's +50% that goes to waste and condenses in the rig. And you get noticeably less medicated with it then other rigs, but it's so quiet and has such a clean pull that i still use it constantly.
    Use me as an example, buy something with only a little diffusion, don't waste oil.
    Some rigs to consider, starting with cheap but still quality but moving up in price.
    Cheap ones:
    Mothership knockoff, honeycomb to a capsule style swiss perc:
    An efficient oil rig:
    A natural perc minitube with a male joint, basically my dream piece, only i want something worked, and it's HVY at only $84!!
    And then pieces in your price range you might like   :)
    A beauty collab mini-tube:
    And something you might really be interested in, decent percolations plus some efficiency:
    All in all inlines/stemlines and simple downstem pieces seem to be the most efficient for oil.
    Always the smaller the better. 

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