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  1. My cousin had two plants growing outside and they were looking scrawny from lack of sun i believe. I brought my tent, inline fan, lights and other equipment over (since I'm not using them at the moment) and set it up in his basement. set it up and put the plants in it and the leaves started to droop. He has been over watering it and i figured that was why. I transplanted on of the plants into a fabric pot as well. When i translated it, the soil looked like it was from a compost pile. The dirt had leaves and other stuff in it and the root ball was too big to add some better soil (both pots were about the same size). So from the beginning it was starting out bad. One of the plants is starting to turn leaves on the bottom yellow. Do you think thats from lack of nutrients? Ill try and get a couple pics from him later so you guys can have a better guess.
    Below are some stats of tent and plants that i know

    Tent- 32"x32"x63"
    6" Inline fan 440 CFM
    2- 600W Mars Hydro LEDs
    Temp- 80-85 degrees
    Humidity is kinda high at 75%

    The plants are in 5 gal fabric pot and a 5 gal bucket.
    Soil- from compost pile
    Seeds are bag seed
    Nutrients- none as of yet until soil drys out then we will add 1/4 -1/2 strength per gallon of water (FF Grow Big)

    I guess I'm more concerned with the yellowing of the lower leaves, does it sound like it might be because of lack of nutrients, or possibly the soil, combination of the two? Like i said above ill try and get some pictures of the plants later as well.
  2. lack of oxygen in the soil.
    What I had to do when I had shit soil is take the plant out, break up the root ball a little, and dip it in some water (or rinse it under a sink) and try to get a lot of the dirt off and put it in better soil.
    It'll possibly stunt her for a few days and she'll hate it, but after a week she should recover.
  3. thats what i kinda thought too, when i transplanted her the soil seemed really compact and definitely soaked with water. kinda like a sponge with leaves and stuff in the composted soil. I was second guessing myself because it looked pretty happy outside and it went down hill once we brought it inside so i wasn't sure what could have been the issue. Ill bring it up to him and see if thats what he wants to do, I'm sure he will want whats best.

    taking it out of the pot like that and rinsing out the root ball, is that going to harm the roots at all? I feel like they will be very fragile
  4. How big are the plants?
    If they're a decent size as long as you dont rip them and the waters not freezing you should be fine.
  5. The plants are probably 2 feet tall but slender, the side branches didn't grow that good until we put them under the lights. Now they're starting to grow. We tied them down to save space in the tent and to try and get the most out of the plants. The leaves are droopy which make think that it was from the stress from over watering them, transplanting them and bringing them inside to a tent. When i saw the yellowing of the lower leaves i thought it might have been a nitrogen deficiency from the soil, i wasn't sure how much nutrients was in it. We bought some FF Grow Big that we were planning on using once the soil dries out again. There was also a leaf that had some rust spots on it which make me think of a magnesium deficiency?

    With not knowing a whole lot about these plants and whats in the soil and all of the different possibilities of what can be wrong. Its hard for me to know what to do or try first to straighten all of this out. Im fairly new to growing, besides half assing my way through it 15 years ago. So I'm not exactly sure what we should do. Part of me thinks that once the soil dries out and feed them some good nutrients, that they will start to be happier. I know its hard to really give an answer when I'm not showing any pictures either but hopefully i can post some up later of you guys.

    EDIT: They won't freeze since their inside but I'm not sure if he just wants to throw them back outside and start from scratch or try and salvage them. Part of me really wants to try and bring them back. Sucks cutting down a plant unless you have to, seems like a waste of time if you do

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