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  1. so my hook up is the super paranoid type and uses code words for everything
    so i txt him and ask what he's got and he said he has dank ski trip
    and i have no idea what it is and i cant ask him what it is
    i'm thinking it's coke but i'm not sure
    anyone heard of this term?
  2. 1. ski trip 15 up, 3 down[​IMG][​IMG]An act in which mutliple people put up money to buy cocaine. These people we then gather in a room once the product has been purchased. Ski trips have been know to last 1 or serveral days depending on the lift ticket.

  3. thank jebus for urban dictionary :smoking:
  4. thats very common slang for dealers who use craigslist to advertise
  5. ive never seen a craigslist ad about dealing, but ive heard of them.
    I've seen several posts that say "I want to buy some lettuce, help me out"
    you got a link to a dealer post? I think itd just be funny to see.
  6. well from his code i would say that "ski trip" might have to do with something like white. Like maybe white widow or some white shit like that. Thats my best guess OP!
  7. Skiing usually refers to cocaine.

    But he used the word i dunno.
  8. look up the word dank in the dictionary. he's probaly referring to it as good cocaine.

  9. You should text him back and ask him if he's talking about mary or lady white? Or some code words like that... Code words are always fun to use in text messages, you can get really creative with em :smoking:
  10. Shoot the moon!:smoking:
  11. yes, thank you JEBUS!
  12. ski trip is obviously white but dank makes no sense as a part of that so maybe hes talkin about three different things dank, ski, trip = mj, white, n shrooms?
  13. I don't understand why you would use a code word. Nobody is listening! If your dealer is reffering to weed he shouldn't throw ski trip in there unless he's lacing it with blow or somethin.
  14. watsup with people saying dank doesnt make sense for cocaine

    dank can be used to describe anything good

    man those burgers are dank

    other words used for weed can be used for other shit thats not even drugs, like these chips are chronic. that shit is diesel. etc.

    its not like dank is a strain.
  15. i dont get why people started using dank as good
    cuz the true definition is:

    unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly: "a dank cellar"

  16. we do realize that dank isnt a strain but the difference is its normal to hear weed referred to as dank and other things referred to as dank such as "burgers"

    but not other drugs . because in the drug field dank typically is only used for weed . hopefully you get what im sayin .

    and who the hell says "this chips are chronic" :p

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