need help with closet set up

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MrMiyagi420, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. im having some heat issues with my closet set up already and im still only using the cfls. I need some ventilation that doesnt require me to cut holes in the wall and make it obvious that somethings in my closet. does anyone know of a way or can think of something that would help me cool down the closet besides spending 300 bucks on a portable ac?

    i was thinking about trying to suck air into the closet from the bottom of the door cause the space between the door and hardwood is a little bit higher than usual..would anyone know exactly how to do that?

    i was also thinking about trying to make my own air conditioner by having a bucket of ice packs and a fan that blows the cold air out of have to have enough ice packs to be able to switch them constantly and idk how much that will actually affect the temp so idk if its plausible..

    can anyone help with my situation?
  2. I don't no if the ice pack thing would work but pulling air under a door is not so good anything on the floor gets pulled in the room and how are you going to pull the air out if you don't want to cut holes in the walls or in the roof we need to see what your working with
  3. the floor is usually pretty clean around the closet. i was gonna intake on one end of the bottom of the door and exhaust on the other. I cant cut holes because its not my house.

    theres no windows or anything so i dont really have much of a choice but to try unless someone has a better idea.

    ill take and upload pics of what i want to do later..i gotta study for a test right now

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