Need help with CFL connecting into power point.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by n3dic, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. heys guys how are we all? anyways quick question ive been browsing the net for the past 2 days pretty much non stop trying 2 pump my head wit as much knowledge about how to grow mary jane. my seeds have germinated well and all ive planted them in some moist potting mix just like everyone says. kk the only problem i got so far is the light. i got 48w nelson superior lights. going to have 2 of them for the vegatative stage and then im going to use a MH light for the budding/flowering. i just want to know if i connected the light correctly 2 the wall. i went today and bought a balanette fitting so the bulb can sit in there. the other side of the fitting has to connections for the wire to goto the wall. i had a old flood light and chopped the cord off that and hooked up it up to the connection part on fitting for the light. but the onli prob is that the flood light has 3 wires and the connection part on the light fitting onli has 2 spaces. i was told by the dude at the hardware to just connect the other to wires up and leave the green one out. so i did all that and pluged it into the wall. i flicked the switch and it worked. i left it on for like 5 minutes and the globe got pretty hot like i culdnt keep my hand on the globe for more then 5-10 seconds. but at like 1-2 inchs away it was just warm. the help i need is even though there 3 pins going into the power point but onli 2 of the wries are connected, will it still work? will the light over heat or sumthing??? did i do it right?
    help wuld be appreciate cheers guys.

    btw im from australia so we got 3 pin power point sockets maybe like that around the world i dnt know.
  2. it sounds like you did it right. Pics would help though
    The green one is "earth", and I pretty sure you don't need it for cfl's.
  3. hey mate thanks for the info..........just needed 2 ask someone with abit more knowledge then me about this sorta stuff just to feel abit better leaving it in the cupbaord so i dnt burn down the apartment. also just quickly alot of people have their own different opinions about this but once they have shot a lil white tail thing out of the seed shuld i have planted it straight away or leave it more 2 grow longer........also do i put it under lights or not. if so how mani 48w CFL's shuld i have in there b4 it sprouts up threw the dirt.................will add pics of the light thing as soon as the camera charges.

    but yea thanks once again dude.

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