need help with bowl and stem sizing

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  1. recently broke my downstem, my bowl is pretty okay but the handle broke off so i want to replace it. can’t figure out the sizing.

    i believe my bowl is 14mm and i’m not too sure about the downstem maybe 4in but not sure on the mm. just want to make sure i get the right size

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  2. to measure the size of the bowl, put a dime over it. if it fits almost perfectly it's 18mm if it's slightly bigger then the bowl is 14mm. the size of the down stem will be the same, the length does not matter to much as long as it fits. if you really want to make sure you get one that goes all the way to the bottom or something stick a pencil into the bong and then measure that.
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  3. thanks! appreciate it!
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  4. 18 then? :)

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  5. Yeah thats a 18mm.
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  6. thanks!

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