Need help with ballasts and setting up my electrical

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by tillygrower, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Hi guys
    So I am going with 3 600w lights 
    I have this ballast for all lights
    I am wondering what I will need to do for my set up so I dont blow fuses or start a fire.
    My room is in the same room as my breaker box, so if I need to add anything it wont be a huge hassle 
    Thanks so much for any help!  I am new to this.

  2. Each 600 depending on voltage will draw 3-7 amps current. If u have 240 volt u an run all 3 off the circuit that dryer runs on. Make sure to run only 1 at a time! Or seperate and run 1 ballast of 1 circuit....
  3. For some reason I remember my dryer outlet says 250v ??
    The ballast says it can run 240v tho
  4. ask the manufacturer you should be good id run all of them off of a circuit tied into the dryer outlet but DO NOT RUN DRYER AT SAME TIME! google how to wire a series or a parallel circuit. 
    If you have an energy star dryer you maybe able to get away with running everything, it depends on draw of amperage..... if you pull say 12 amps from all 3 ballasts on a 30 amp circuit that leaves you 18 amps for a dryer. 
    i run 4 1000 watt ballasts and ac units and all kinds of other stuff but i draw juice from all over the circuits and i dont run washer while im drawing flower room power. 
  5. ok great!
    I have a dryer plug but the dryer is currently gas, so that works out well.
  6. Ok so I have some new info....I think it is good news =)

    I realized there is a 250v plug (4 prong).....i think it is from an old hot-tub pump....
    So I can just take that receptacle out and put in the appropriate 240v plug to match the ballasts? And can I use a 240v power strip/surge protector to plug in the 3 ballasts to the one receptacle? 

    Thanks for holding my hand through this haha
  7. No. This will not work. The 220v plug on your ballast is for European voltage which is one "hot" leg @ 220v + Ground + Neutral = 3 wires, or 220v service. In the US we have 120v service meaning we have one 120v hot leg coming in + Ground + Neutral, which uses 3 wires for most appliances or 2 if the appliance isn't grounded. For dryers, ranges and hot tubs using 240v we have 2 hot legs @ 120v [120+120=240] + Neutral + Ground = 4 wires in the 240v receptacle. This is also why you will have two breakers tied together in the panel that turn on and off together for the 240v appliance, it's controlling 2 120v hot legs simultaneously
    I'd run 2 20 amp breakers using 12/2 with wire and set yourself up with two or more outlets on each breaker. The capacity of each 20 amp breaker should be figured so that you are not exceeding 80% of the breaker, or 16 amps per breaker. 600 watts = 5 amps per lamp. 2 breakers will allow you to run 2 lights on one and one light on the other + your fans and have capacity left over (veg chamber?). If you've never worked in a breaker box before look it up, the wires coming in from the power co are always energized even with the main turned off so be careful, but it is really very easy to add breakers.
    Watts / Volts = Amps
    or 600 watts / 120 volts = 5 amps

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