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  1. To start off, I do know my way around a computer.
    Now then, I have a few things I've been wanting to get done.

    First, I would like all my machines(3 desktops, 2 PS3s, and 2 360s) to have access to all my music, videos, and pictures. But I want it to be organized and professional like.

    Second, Im starting to get into film and picture editing. Only problem is I'm a bit unorganized. I usually end up with tons of raw material, along with random cuts along the way. I would love a point in the organization direction. For this purpose, reformatting and reinstalling is where I'll start.

    Third, what media player would you suggest for the best experience? WMP went on my shit list after deleting my library and iTunes seems so...bland, as does vlc or anything else.

    Fourth, is it worth multi-booting? If so, what OS's should I install other than Windows 7 Ultimate?
  2. 1. You should be able to just share the folder on your network and your xbox and ps3 should be able to see it. If not, there must be some sort of xbox ps3 media center setup you have to go through in which you set the source of your media.

    2. You dont need to format/reinstall unless you want to. I would backup anything important first. Just create folders and name them appropriately. Thats the best/easiest way to organize on a PC.

    3. iTunes. I've tried a lot of them including wmp, vlc, songbird (worst yet), and winamp. If you dont like itunes, get winamp.

    4. Depends on your needs. If you only use windows applications to do what you do and dont have a use for linux then I would advise against it. If you have a use for linux or whatever OS you were thinking about putting on, then it worth the time and effort. If you want to dual boot for educational purposes (so you know how it works) that is a good reason to do so.

  3. 1. I finally got everything to see everything. It was an ID10T problem. haha

    2. Backed everything up to a few 32 gig flash drives, reformatted, reinstalled on both machines. It was something to kill a rainy day at least.

    3. Songbird was cool for a while. Built in browser and all...but ended up bogging down my system. Been switching between iTunes and winamp. I guess that's what I'll continue doing.

    4. Dual booting 7 Ultimate and 8 on one machine. Trip booting Ubuntu, XP Pro, and XP MCE on my other machine.

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess in my mind I knew what I should/want to do. Just wanted to see if anyone had better ideas...
  4. Try foobar2000 if your interested in low memory usage.

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