Need Help with 4x4 Tent 1000 Watt Setup. First grow

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Pleasant, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Hello GC, I have been lurking around the forums for a few months now trying to create the perfect setup. I have learned so much and I believe I am ready to start my operation. I have decided to go with super soil grow with roots organic as my base soil. I choose this because I am all for organic and I do not want to have to worry about ph and ppm and all that on my first grow. I still have a few questions, mainly about my setup and if I need anything else. Please let me know if these items will be good or if I need something different or more. Also I am planning on 3-4 plants in 7 gallon smart pot, maybe scrog. I am open to any opinions on what will give me the best yield. I am not sure how many I can fit in my tent but I believe this would be best under 1000 watt hps. Also planning on vegging under 1000 watt mh.
    I will be using:
    4x4 SJ Tent
    6x24 phresh filter-550 cfm
    Now I plan on getting 2 6" inline fans and an oscilatting fan. This is where I have questions. I have read alot on this but am still confused on what would be the best setup. What I have come up with is duct>fan>duct>hood/cooltube>duct>filter>duct>fan. I will be intaking fresh air from the bottom and exhausting it out of the top of the tent with the last fan on the outside connected to the duct. I hope this makes sense. Please if anyone has advice I am open to all options. 
    Thanks so much GC!


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