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  1. I have A couple of plants they are short 7inches but they are bushy and have 8tru nodes can I start flowering and how much will I yield please help
  2. And how much bigger will it get?
  3. general knowledge is switch to 12/12 when the plants are 1/3-1/2 the height you want them to be when finished.

    shorter for 1/3 for sativa dom. 1/2 for indica dom

    they will vary by strain but its better to make them a little small than too big
  4. its indica so if i flower now it will only grow a couple inches?i dont understand
  5. im gonna put a pic up as soon as i can
  6. if your plant is 10 inches tall and you flower it, it will be 20-25 inches tall when its done.
    if it is 20 inches tall when you flower it, it will be 40-55 or so inches tall.

    an easier way to explain it would be....

    Indica=double in size
    sativa=triple in size
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    here they are what u think can i flower already

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  8. I think its a little early to put her into flower if you want to get a decent sized yield off of it.. but its up to you and if your just growing for personal i guess
  9. thanks for the help
  10. I disagree with this. You can always increase the height of your lights. Make a pvc frame, hang it from the ceiling, etc. If anything you're gonna wanna go over rather than under - if you care about yield, that is.

    But 7 inches dude? I'd take it another month so she can at LEAST get to 15+. 15-20 is usually a good size to start flowering if you have the room for a 4-5 foot plant. And even if you don't, that's what we got lst for.

    Good luck hope all goes well.

    Btw indica don't just double in size, depending on strain. That's a very bad rule of thumb.

  11. if your lights are 1" from the ceiling than no you cannot raise them anymore. I have seen tops get burnt from being to tall and they had to be topped like 3 weeks from harvest.

    if you read my post all the way through I said its a general rule of thumb.
    of course if you have a 50/50 ind/sat plant than it will get taller than a 100% indica and smaller than a 100% sativa.

    ive used this method on 8 strains over a 6 year period thats where I got my theory from as well as many other friends telling me they got similar results.

    what are your theories on the topic?
  12. Im gonna wait another month then and start flowering I just started l.s.t on my biggest plant so im gonna see how that goes but i would like to hear more about the pvc u are talking about what is that ?This is my first real grow i have like seven plants different sizes under want to try different things on all of them so im open to any suggestions.....
  13. PVC pipe is a cheap material that is easy to cut and build with. However if you expect the room to get hot, avoid PVC because it will leech toxic chemicals into the air. I use PVC pipe for rooms and hydro systems, but always keep it wrapped in reflective tape.
  14. yeah i know what pvc is.but what would u use it for ?just to hang stuff off it?or use to grow in?little more info dont mean to keep askin the same thing just curious..
  15. use pvc to build a frame for your grow room. you can hang things from it easily and wrap it with mylar. again tho if it gets hot it can release toxic fumes and kill the plants
  16. Cool I apreciate the info DTM420 ill definetly keep that in mind
  17. you can always pm me with questions. ive been growing off and on for 9 years now

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