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    I got a 10,000 BTU running @75 degrees
    1 can fan @ 160 cfm connected to filter pulling air out
    1 can fan @ 160 cfm pushing fresh air in

    oh yeah, i gots 1k HPS and 400 HPS because 2K was too hot. would like to keep the 2K if i can lower temps?

    temps still 84-86 where am i going wrong?

    thanks gang,

  2. what kinda lights u using ?
  3. 84-86 is fine for your plants but if you want to remove more heat you can do a few things. You need to tell us more about your setup. Are you using a tent or a closet or a room in a house or?

    You could try getting a bigger exhaust fan to suck air out of the room more quickly which will help with temps. Or you can get an air cooled hood and remove the heat that way.
  4. what are your external temps

  5. i have a 8x4x7 tent and would like to lower the temps so i can keep 1400-2K watts. Looks like maybe get a bigger exhaust?

  6. HPS. Had 2k but went down to 1400 because I couldnt control heat

  7. not exactly sure but should b high 70's during night and this was when i tested
  8. Is there a way to create colder external heat? I noticed from turning the AC on in the room my tent is in, my temps went down 7-8 degree's inside the tent.

  9. I got one 10K BTU in there already

  10. That's what I'm working on. I'll let u know after tonight
  11. I would recommend using air cooled hoods. You should be able to connect them together, and use an exhaust fan to pull air from outside of the tent, through your lights and then out the other side. There would be no need to filter this air as its coming from outside of your tent, and never sucks any of the 'dirty' air.

    This means your ducting and hoods need to be air tight which shouldnt be hard to do.
  12. air cooled hood, vent it out your window. Get one of thos fans that stick in your window and suck some nice fresh cold air in and your problem is solved.

  13. Id like to get this resolved without buying anymore gear. I've spent a nice chunk. I'm gonna change to a bigger can fan and c what happens. If that doesn't work idk what I will do. I need ideas w/out getting new hoods. Thanks much to all

  14. I'm not saying it won't work. I have a portable a/c unit in there and heat still an issue. Once I resolve it I will post changes
  15. If you do not want hoods then the only thing you can do is increase air movement in the room. Good luck!

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