Need HELP to determine if my plants are Hermaphrodite

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  1. Need help to determine if I have a Hermaphrodite and to know if I can re-veg a planet(after cutting the buds)

    I am in the end of my first grow so I am always learning my plants started to flower and got little buds. all of my flowers got on the top something that is looking like a ball(just one on few of the flowers more then one) I think it's just the shape of the flower because all the flowers got this "boll" on the top(on 3 of my plants from the same strain). The thing is that I stressed my plants a lot(first grow) so maybe the plants are Hermaphrodite(but what is the chance that all of them are).

    from the pictures that I saw in the web the "bolls" grow on the lower side of the plower(in Hermaphrodite ) and not on top of the bud.....and if i understand correctly in Hermaphrodite the male flowers grow together but apart the female flowers the don't mix is this correct?

    I am adding some pictures(did as best as I could with my cam) and would really appreciate your opinion.

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  2. It looks like you might have a hermi on your hands, a lot of the buds look good but one of them looks like a full on hermaphrodite.
  3. I want to understand I shouldn't have any "bolls" in the flower at all?
  4. If the ball has a pistil (white hair) growing from it its not a male sack
  5. What's a 'boll'? Anyway your almost right, the unpollenated female flower will eventually grow bolls where the seeds should have been (calexes). If your plant/s were not close to any males then it's a hermi. That boll is going to turn into a male flower, if not you got another hermi that pollenated the female, in which case, it would be a seed.
  6. Thanks.
    So to be clear every female plant develop calexes.
    Every pollinated female plant will develop seeds inside the calexes.
    A hermi plant will have male flowers and calexes(or some of the calexes will turn into male flowers?) and after some time female flowers will get pollinated and small seeds will start to develop inside the calexes?

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