Need help starting flowering!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mobdeep187, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. I have 3 plants that have been on 18 hours of light for 2 months and have to begin flowering due to lack of space. I need to know how long after I begin flowering can I start using the fertilizer and how long until I can start spraying the plant with the food how often I can fertilize with 10-60-10, How much should I duliute the food and how should I gradually increase the strenght. thanks for you help
  2. I assume your using shultz bloom plus mix. just follow the directions on the box... 1/4 tsp. per gal of water.

    space your last veg feeding with the first flowering feeding enough so that no burns happen... a week should be sufficient. dont let the seemingly small amount of fert to water ratio fool you into adding more, its a small amount because you this is what you will use to water your plants with each time you water... and to tell that, as you probably already know.. stick your finger in about an inch or so and if it feels dry it needs watering. simple enough.

    i forget if you asked how to flower... switch your timer to 12 on 12 off and make sure absolutely no light gets to your plants during night/off times.

    take care...
    oh and how big are they currently with only two months veg?
    you could let them get about a foot before forceing and you should end up with about a 30 inch plant in the end...
  3. Half dose according to what?
  4. Shultz, for example reccomends 1/4 tsp per gallon for potted house plants, your telling me to go with half reccomended dosage of any rec. dose on labeling of the product your using? I guess what Im asking is wht benchmark is one supposed to work off of?

    take care.
  5. I had a friend post this for me but now I'm registered. One plant is 23" and very skimpy(recovering from a near death due to lack of nutrients. Another plant is 29" and looking beautiful. These 2 plants were both started mid September. The third plant is a friends and is around 17" tall and is approximately 6 months old(it's had a rough life, don't ask), it's already budded once and just finished it's 2nd veg. phase. All 3 are in their 2nd day of 12/12. These are grown using a combo of warm white and cool white flouro's and from seeds of some pretty good bag weed(unknown strain).

  6. Budded once and just finished it's 2nd VEG..????????
    I was under the impression one veggy oneflower then it's to the garbage dump with what you don't smoke.
    Whats the story Jerry???
  7. He mentioned spray his plants.
    What do you mean? With what do yopu spray them with?
  8. a buddy and i have a sativa that we flowered at 16 inches, it is now stretching as hell and 4 1/2 feet tall within 3 weeks, will it ever fucking stop! how can i stop it, Buddies freaking out he only has 1 hps lamp and he has 1.5 ft indicas that he cant move up much more, and the hps doesnt go all the way to the bottom of the sativa

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