Need help, smoked too much, tripped out, feel awful

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokeandskate96, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and need some help with a bad experience that I had. Sorry for the long paragraph but I feel like I need to explain every detail just in case it had any impact on my experience.

    So, I am 21 and live in Denver, Colorado. I just started smoking at the beginning of December. The reason I started smoking is because its just something I have wanted to try and also because I have depression and do not take any meds for it (and don't plan on ever taking any meds since I seem to manage it decently). I also have anxiety which I have found to be caused by the depression because when I feel happy, I don't have any anxiety. I read a lot of articles about how weed is great for depression and anxiety but that it can also make it worse in some circumstances. Anyway, I tried it and found that weed made me feel great with pretty much no negatives, so I started smoking everyday and have been for about a month now. I have been smoking an Indica called Afghani. Usually I take 2 or 3 mouth hits on my pipe to get me high(I know I have a very low tolerance), but yesterday unlike my previous times taking mouth hits, I decided to take 2 lung hits back to back because I felt so confident that it wasn't possible for weed to make me feel bad and that if I got higher, the good feelings would only get better. I was coughing like crazy and felt like I was ready to gag but the discomfort quickly went away. I went to sit down at my computer and went on Youtube. At about 1:30 pm, the "high" hit me like a freight train. Without even realizing it, a feeling of pure hell, fear, and terror washed over me and my vision was lagging and glitching. I couldn't connect my thoughts to what I was looking at and everything felt like a shell of reality filled with absolute terror. It felt like my mind was being violently defragmented. My heart was racing so fast and my short term memory was completely gone. I got up to go get some water and walked to the kitchen. All of my movements felt fake and delayed and when I got to the kitchen, I could barely coordinate myself to get a glass of water. While walking back down the hall to my room, I remember saying "NOOOO!" over and over to myself because it felt and looked like I was falling away from reality and losing myself. I was also hallucinating like crazy and imagining the furniture trying to talk to me but I couldn't hear what it was saying. It was the most terrifying and intense thing I have ever experienced, far worse than any anxiety attack I have ever had in my life. I was 100% convinced that the weed was laced with mdma or acid or k2 and I was very very close to calling 911. This ended up lasting about 3 hours. 3 hours of pure hell. It probably would have lasted longer if I wasn't chatting with a friend online who helped me calm down. And I started chatting with him near the beginning of this experience so it took him 3 hours to calm me down. After those 3 hours, at around 5:30 pm, the intensity of the high was finally more comfortable and I started feeling really nice and happy but I was still baked out of my mind and was thinking of the funniest and craziest things. So I was definitely at a 10 at this point. When I was freaking out for 3 hours, I had to have been at a 1000! Anyway, the rest of the night, I laid in bed with headphones listening to some chill music and had an amazing high which lasted almost 7 hours until 6:00 am and went to sleep. So today I decide to smoke again because I kept telling myself that I just smoked too much yesterday and that I will be back to having a great high if I just take small mouth hits again. So with me feeling 90% positive that I would have a good high, I took one small mouth hit on my pipe and within 10 minutes I could feel some of the terror coming back but not as strong. I didn't feel good at all. I didn't feel happy or euphoric or relaxed or anything. And now after that small high went away, I feel extremely depressed and negative about everything, like nothing will ever be alright again. And I just feel so emotionally crushed because weed used to make me feel so awesome, like better than I had ever felt in my entire life and now that feeling has been ripped away from me and I feel like I will never get it back. And on top of that, a few days ago, I ordered an expensive dry herb vaporizer so I could smoke anywhere and feel great all the time and now I feel so disappointed because I won't be able to use it now.

    Sorry for the super long rambling but I just needed to get it all off my chest. Is there any hope for me to get a normal, amazing high again? Is it because I should have waited a few days before smoking again? I also heard that a Sativa is better for depression than an Indica. If I tried a Sativa, would I feel better? And if it makes any difference, the day before my freak out, I smoked a high CBD strain. Is it possible that maybe that had something to do with it, like maybe it desensitized my CBD receptors which made the THC effects stronger? If anyone could help me through this, I would so very much appreciate it.
  2. WELCOME..
    Must admit, I didn't read your entire post but:
    I normally do not like Sativas since they are known for cerebral/racier highs..Indica strains that slow you down and couch lock you are more my taste..HOWEVER,
    I recently grew Nitro lemon Haze, which I think is the same as Super lemon Haze and it was great..Keeps me laughing, no paranoia and is just plain relaxing..An advantage to our Legal (Ima in Nevada) is that we can buy a J or a gram and sample to our heart's delight...When I am able, I sample before I grow, even though pre-made J's are from crap..eighths are a better choice before I choose to invest the time to grow a strain.
    I use my weed for pain relief, sleep, and enjoyment..CBD doe sh** for me..THC is my medicine of choice..HOWEVER high THC can/will get you nutso..especially if you are new to it..Edibles are super as well (mine are homemade and put me out for the count:) NOW, edible Overdose is NOT a pleasant experience for even seasoned smokers (been smoking since 1965)..
    Should be easy to locate Super Lemon Haze in Colo..Give it a try and report back..we are all very different.
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  3. I have never experienced what youre describing from anything let alone marijuana. Cant say the same for my wife though. The first time she tried smoking with me we decided to use a small bubbler with very cold water to try and cool the lung hit for her. She took itty bitty hits. Like... Not even two full puffs. She was absolutely done. She felt sick to her stomach and has never tried it again since. I smoke every day. Out of the last 4 years if i had to guess how many days i didnt smoke, it would be under 20. So i know the girl scout cookie she tried was absolutely great. Listen to your body, try different strains. You can more than likely find a strain that you love, or you may find that its not for you. I would go with something subtle. Strawberry kush is a great one for me to chill. Mellow high but feel great high. I usually use SK when im gaming or watching a movie / kentucky basketball game. I can still concentrate greatly on anything and actually think more clearly and way more patient while using it. I hope you can find your remedy. Good luck.

    PS- Buzzer recommended one of my faves as well. Super Lemon Haze is amazing. Great stuff. Flavor, aroma, and high is for me is higher than strawberry kush but not over the top like some other strains. But as Buzzer said we are all very different. If you try Super Lemon and think its to strong i would try Strawberry kush or something of that nature. I cant comment on edibles because im not big on them. Ive had home made stuff only. Well made by a family member. Wasnt a fan. I will more than likely get into making my own edibles to try them again after i get growing to a science like these guys. Again good luck, and dont give up to easy ;)
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  4. Also, the down (depressed) feeling after being high is normal for a lot of people. Especially if you consume to much for extended periods of time.
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  5. Just do everyone a favor and don’t call 911. It’s just bud, you’ll be fine, eventually. The last thing we need is our emergency services being sent on wild goose chases. The media and the anti- legalization crowd don’t need amno. And a rise in ER visits is just the type of number they’d love to broadcast everywhere. Just quitely figure out what strain and amount works for you. Happy tokin!
  6. I understand where youre coming from. But honestly, i wouldnt say dont call 911. People have different reactions, and yes 99% of the bad ones are their own fault. There are a few that have bad episodes from allergic reactions. Laced marijuana is out there. It can be a very serious concern. But if youre going to a reputable shop, i dont see you purchasing anything laced.
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  7. Thank you all for the suggestions. I guess I will just try some of the strains that were suggested here. Also, I am going to go ahead and try a Sativa as well because the kind of high that I am looking for is where I feel happy, energetic, euphoric, and content. It seems like the stoney kind of high that comes from indicas makes me feel like I have no control and that I'm "stuck" which makes me feel anxious.

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