Need help SEXXING and advice on GROW...2x1000w..

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  1. whats up gc ...i got a Ak that ive been growing from seeds and a lil ball came out of no were but the ball opens a lil could be a lil leaf like ive seen other plants do just have a lil leafe in the bottom but dnt know...i was playing with the ball and it fell off but i looked a lil hire and i found another one but a very little on around the top of the plant ...need help sexxing and i also got 8 haze plant flowering .. i saw them today and they did a pritty big growth spurt .....very happy but afraid of salt nutriant block out ....or any other problem that might be happening...advice needed

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  2. its a male get rid of it
  3. Sorry bud. that is a nut. get rid of it. I can show you what it will look like in a week if you think you want to wait.
  4. pull it and bin it its a male !
  5. If its not a hermie, so it only has balls, and is nice specimen I would throw it outside somewhere, let it bloom, even though the equinox happened shortly ago, so I dont know your success but I bet if you threw it outside right now- if you live somewhere it rain agood amount- you may be able to come back and get some AK pollen for breeding with, within 1 month... better than just killing the dude for being a dude.
  6. wow 2000w grow and u cant sex? wow

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