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    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014 today is exactly one week of flowering on the 12/12 schedule....barely starting to flower but I can see a slight change in a top or two...this grow i'm not really interested in the one..this was an experiment...but I need comments on these photos...they are all different please, if you can comment on each one, it would be very would think that I can figure it out at my age but im a little DUH!!! hoping that some are male so I can have some room....they smell lovely but theyre all bag seed I found and I have like 100 more seeds in the freezer...anyway please help if you can..theres gonna be a bunch of pictures...ah I will only post like six photos..not all of the way..there are hair like foliage coming out of what I think are pods..but I could be wrong..


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  2. the boys will show first and the girls can take up to two weeks.
    At this point every picture but the group shot looks male.
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    I think in pic 3 you can see balls starting to form right at the top node but just give it a couple more days and you'll know. Other than that all pic's are too soon to tell man.
  5. Hmmm not what I expected.
  6. excluding the first pic, my guess is all males.
    def spotting some nut sacks.
    time will tell!
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  8. I don't know what everyone was expecting when they say theyre disappointed...a super duper grow?..i vegged em for one month..i didn't want a monster plant..don't have the room..and also how long do I have until its too late to pull the the pods grow like a bud or do they just open up and pop and spread pollen?...just about all of the supposed balls have hairs of some sort growing out of them..if they are in fact testicles..i wanna be able to at least save one plant..i don't care about the rest..
  9. tiny white hairs = female
  10. yeah I know...about the white hairs..i just don't wanna have the males fart pollen all over the place before its too is one week of 12/ much longer do I have to really be sure and be safe...?...and can the males pollenate before the females show themselves?..i mean its been a week already..
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