need help setting up for one plant.

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  1. Just doing it for personal purposes one single plant. Will be in the bottom of my rolling toolbox its already in a pot germinating. once the plant sprouts and i need lights what would be the easist way to supply it with enough i was thinking CFL in the bottom of the toolbox mounted right over the pot. But how big what size how many for one plan? The area its in is about 24x18 inches

    Any other things im missing for it to grow properly?
  2. good luck, and expect a tall lanky plant. You will need some sort of support, good ole sativa.

  3. Well what do you suggest i do im in the position to move the pot anywhere. i just need to know how to setup my lighting for one single plant. how many bulbs what kind how close to the plant?
  4. All of the following are factors for growing cannabis to its full potential:

    Good Light
    Adequate Nutrients
    Clean Water
    Proper Humidity
    Proper Temperature
    Good Genetics
    Growing Medium
    Fresh Air

    In that enclosed environment, how will you exchange air? How will you control the temps? humidity?

    You have to be worried about heat so fluoro's are basically your only option.

    Good luck,
  5. yo , i was wondering what kind of soil will you be using for the seedlings? thanks i have used jiffy mix and other soil that contain too much nutes which end up killing 10 of my seedlings.
  6. well the step im on now is lighting a setup, the setup is not fully enclosed or sealed off, and i also will be running a pc fan blow through setup to air it. the temps should be ok the toolbox is in my bedroom.

    ok so flouro lights. How many what kind or size?
  7. Ok so the toolbox is in your bedroom which I assume is climate controlled, you're going to use a pc/muffin fan to exchange air. I would use 150 or 200 watt CFL. You should be able to get some nice buds with that setup. How tall is the space?
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    Thats the only thing im worried about is height room. once it starts to grow i may move the whole setup to a bigger similar grow spot. so i need atleast 200 watts worth of cfl lights?

    ive been searching on ebay and found a lot of bulbs. im going to be using a 4 bulb setup so i need atleast 200 watts out of 4 cfls. Also since im inside can i use this same lighting setup through my whole growing process?
  9. well no one has replied yet but i got my lighting setup started found a old light fixture at my house just need to decide on bulbs for it. the fixture will be running 4 CFls. heres a pic for reference just wired it to a old extension cord and probly run a timer on it.

  10. Would anyone mind searching and finding a example of a good CFL to use for this 4 light setup to get the wattage i need?

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