Need Help Setting Up A Basement Grow!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MugsySiegel, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Okay my name is Mug,I'm new here to the site but not to growing. I have several questions so i will try to keep it short. First off I will be growing in a root celler,it is 9'x6.5'x7' it has a wood floor above it with about a 6 inch gap between top of floor and cement on each side wall and it is all wood floor above head. My problem is there is no access to the outside to vent hot air my only option is to vent to each side under the flooring in a bedroom and the living room on the other side. Would this work to cool a bulb in a cool tube setup? Also for back ground the room is about 70 degrees if there is no light on in there during the summer and about 59 in the winter as we are at quite high elevation here. My second question is should I go 600 watt or 1000 watt in this area I plan to only utilize about 4x4 area so I have room to walk around. My major concern is heat building up down there,I will be growing once winter starts,about Oct. I have three strains I could grow, all Nirvana seeds fem. Blue Mist,Super Skunk,Northern Lights. What would yield the best and be most user friendly for this cellar grow? I have 10 of the blue mist but only 5 seeds of the other two each. Thanks in advance,and apoligies for the long winded first post.
  2. If you vent into your house you risk moisture problems which include molds that can make you very sick. You have to find a way to vent outside as well as getting fresh air into you grow space.
    Go 1000 watts with an adjustable ballast so you can turn down if it works OK but you will have enough lumens if needed
  3. There is no way to vent outside solid concrete wall.
  4. You need to build a wood enclosure that is closed off with black plastic you need air flow in and out
  5. So what if I pull cool air from one side under the flooring and than I vent the hot hid light air out to the other side and up under the wood flooring?
  6. See my sig. That's my first grow that is on going (in basement)

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